Pyramid Planet
Creator: Shaylle || First Published: 11/01/2014 || Players: 2 || Size: 39x39
Categories: Innovative
Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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Shaylle (11/01/2014 10:24am):
Well, so much for thinking this was a new idea. That's what I get for not searching the maps for
"pyramid" before-hand, I guess. :P
the-deadly-shadow (11/02/2014 07:47am | Edited: 11/02/2014 07:48am):
Second turn advantage, I think it can not be fixed with an unit placement. I guess you should make two bases
owned. nice concept though.
BamboozleIV (11/02/2014 07:53pm):
typically if each side has one preowned base and another neutral base, then you just make one of the neutral cities
near OS's base owned by BM. So the fund advantage balances out FTA while not being powerful enough for STA.
Not sure how that would work here though.
Xmo5 (11/04/2014 09:58am):
Yeah, I think the best you can do in this situation (that I'm aware of) is to remove the
infantry and instead give BM a pre-owned city. You should choose the one directly below
the OS HQ for that because it's within one move. It doesn't make a very clean counter in
this case, though.

Personally, I would recommend just making each player start with the 2 bases by their HQ
in which case the infantry counter is fine.

Anyway, cool map. I'll have to put some thought into how it will play out when I have the
Meta Rexy (02/08/2015 05:19pm | Edited: 02/08/2015 05:22pm):
Cool idea, but this map comes with serious balance issues near the teleport tiles.
Block the top of the pyramid (around the corner teleport tiles areas) and you can fast track your way around the map with ease.
Block all the exits and your opponent is forced to fight along the base area.
And there's no way to mount a comeback. You can't take the neutral bases on the top and bottom of the map because the area around them is very chokepointy.

Cool idea but the concept suffers from balance issues.
I think the ports and sea tiles should be removed. There aren't enough funds to sustain four bases AND an airport and port.
They only contribute to the chokepointy nature of this map. If you made it all land you'd increase the vulnerability of the sides and removed the mountains near the teleport tiles, you would allow for more dynamic fights that don't cluster around the bases.

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