Battle: Antarctica
Creator: Sunset || First Published: 11/29/2014 || Players: 5 || Size: 60x60
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 6.00 in 3 ratings
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Sunset (11/29/2014 11:40pm):
Huge thanks to CommanderLex for his help and advice!
For best results set to 24/7 blizzard.

Meta Rexy (11/29/2014 11:54pm):
Too many comm towers.
It's way too much. Each person starts with one and if they secure the neighbouring neutral ones they can have up to 3 or 4 easily, which unbalances the game.
AB has an advantage in having an almost guaranteed extra base... RF cannot possibly interrupt the capture... as well as AB being closer to both bases overall...
Javier is also severely broken here...
Also if it's snow either ban Olaf or he becomes top tier on this map.
Not much funding for each person on this map... could use more properties if you want to take full advantage of the airport and up to 3 bases...
Otherwise you will see lots of infantry spam...
This map needs some serious updating.
And I know that roads don't exist in Antarctica but recons and rockets have no chance of being used here... It's going to be all direct units due to the lack of heavy terrain...
blozzee (11/30/2014 02:17am | Edited: 11/30/2014 02:18am):
Not enough shoal...and where's the penguins!
Darth Hawke (11/30/2014 03:52am):
A map based off of Antarctica and no Cobalt Ice?! This is a huge sin against all map creators!

Everything Meta Rexy said is correct, but I would like to add that by having your recommendation of snow on this
map would make this game very, very slow and more unplayable. I like the map in general and can see why it's like
this, but all the buildings make it seem very weird and too spacey.
Xmo5 (12/01/2014 09:29am):
Agreed with Meta Rexy and Darth Hawke here. Take out some com towers and consider making
the players closer (position, terrain, neutral base locations, etc) because everything is
sooo spread out, especially if you factor snow into the equation.
Schreck (09/21/2016 12:53am):
change RF to CI
Nyvelion (10/21/2016 01:30pm):
Penguins were added specifically for this map.
What were you thinking?
Tanker4390 (12/06/2017 05:34pm):
No, add Ci in the middle.

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