Creator: Walker Boh || First Published: 12/26/2014 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x22
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 6.46 in 13 ratings
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Walker Boh (12/26/2014 04:09pm):
Rush_FTK (12/28/2014 09:16am):
your id let me remeber a old player called walkerboh
walkerboh01 (12/28/2014 03:02pm):
Hey who are you calling old?!
|-|eadphone (12/30/2014 03:29pm):
God if it's grandpa walker, then what does that make Hellraider and Eagle?
GameMusic (01/07/2015 02:18am):
Nice map though I wonder if indirects might be a bit too weak and air a bit too strong.

Lots of relatively open terrain zones in a small sense and wide sea barriers.

Sea might be a lot more useful in general if the game had a tile sea AND land can traverse.
Meta Rexy (01/07/2015 02:59am):
like the DoR bridges? *trollface*
Also, we have ghosted ports. The next best thing. they replace cities when appropriate but do not heal land units.
walkerboh01 (01/09/2015 01:58am | Edited: 01/09/2015 02:00am):
Thanks for the comment, GameMusic, you had the same thought I did regarding indirects and
air. I would argue that the strong air units are okay since it's supporting the lone base in the 2v1
setup. But I am considering moving the airport a few tiles further from the fronts.

The main problem with indirects is that they take too long to get to the fronts, and the tower
situation lends itself to a more offensive playstyle with tanks. I think I'm going to remove the
neutral tower, and I might tweak base positions a little bit. The map doesn't play exactly as I
intended at this point, but I think the potential is there.
walkerboh01 (01/09/2015 02:02am):
Oh, I'm also thinking about adding a preowned lander...But I have to think a little more about
just how big of an impact that will have.
Walker Boh (01/17/2015 10:41pm):
Added the lander, removed the 2nd tower, rearranged some terrain and cities in the middle, and
moved some mountains on the 1-base side. Time for another round of play-testing.
Walker Boh (04/19/2015 04:52pm):
Minor adjustments made. The main change was piping off the route from the neutral base to the
towers. With the lander in place, there's really no need for that to be open any more.
Xmo5 (06/11/2015 03:38pm):
If you had thought ahead, you would have made this map 20x20. For your shortsightedness, I
award you 20/10... grandpa Walker
Nyvelion (06/24/2015 09:05am):
The map isn't 20x20?
matchet (05/01/2017 09:08pm):
The popular opinion of "air too strong" and "indirects too weak" becomes totally the opposite
when you play this game. The side in which you build air is facing an enemy factory which
will spawn a-air or even missiles for sure. Even going diagonally is not safe because a-air
can appear in the other side of the map. By the other hand, Indirects gets very important if
vision is provided (as usual) because there is lot of forests to hide them and landers can
drop them almost in the heat of the battle.

The map is innovative for me, because of the use of the lander and the port. And there is two
points of interest (side in where is the HQ, and Mid where the com towers are). The map is
filled with nice non-regular pattern which offers a variety of defense bonus, and works good
to for FOG: ON config
walkerboh01 (06/13/2017 03:05am):
Thanks, matchet. This is honestly one of my favorite maps that I've made.
WaddleDee (01/01/2020 05:39am):
Slazzy (01/03/2020 08:40am):
Pog (12/03/2020 02:29pm):
When you realize the map is better the Year itself
fddcsjxk (06/24/2021 01:53am):
Isn't this map obsolete?

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