A Sucked Orange
Creator: NothingFace || First Published: 01/06/2015 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light
Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
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Xmo5 (01/06/2015 02:37pm | Edited: 01/06/2015 02:42pm):
Not bad overall. I might suggest moving one base per side (personally, I prefer AB's
northeast base and OS corresponding southwest base) further back toward the corner
(perhaps near where the airports are; you can move those elsewhere if you like) This frees
up a lot more of the map to have battles take place on it and exposes the HQ a bit more,
forcing more thought-out strategy for both sides.

Right now much of the map is "wasted" behind the bases and will never be used for anything
but capturing cities during the early stages of the game. The battle will only take place
in a thin band running along the diagonal of the map with little room for give and take.
By dropping the base back, you allow more room for the front to push back and forth
without necessarily declaring a victor. Adding a somewhat contested tower near where the
current base is might add a nice dynamic and motivation to push forward etc. To make it
contested enough, make sure that one player is closer, but not by so much that the
opponent can't take it without taking the base first.

For fairly safe towers, as a rule of thumb, I like to say it should take no more than
about 2 tiles/movement cost of the defender to reach the tower for every 3 it takes the
attacker. To make it slightly more contested you can try it with 3:4 ratio (or higher)
instead but if you go higher than 5:6 it might be too contested, though it will be
situation dependent. For example, on this map, a 2:3 ratio would place the tower where you
have a used missile silo if the base I mentioned were moved to exactly where the airport
is. Moving the tower even one space closer to the airport location is a little over a 3:4
ratio. Anyway, you can pick a location you like, but just think about how easy it is to
defend/attack etc. and use terrain strategically to achieve the right balance of
defensible and "worth attacking".
walkerboh01 (01/07/2015 12:12am):
The advice about moving the base back is spot-on. This looks much better than the first

I would also make the towers a little less contested than they are currently. Swapping the tower
with the city bordering the central pond would be better. Otherwise this is a nice-looking map,
but not spectacular.
Xmo5 (01/07/2015 10:08am):
I'm going to assume you took walker's advice and moved the tower seeing as how it borders
the central pond now. The changes are definitely improvements. The use of the shoals as a
"road" does a good job breaking up the aesthetics but it might make the last leg of taking
the nearby base a bit difficult.

There could stand to be more strategic use of mountain placement near the fronts to give
indirects a chance to shine a bit more. You might even expand the land closer to the edge
and let water/land/shoals create interesting chokepoints in tandem with mountains etc.

the-deadly-shadow (01/12/2015 01:01pm):
AB has an extra city near the airport.
NothingFace (01/12/2015 07:33pm | Edited: 01/12/2015 07:34pm):
my bad. I'll correct it after your game.
Xmo5 (01/13/2015 01:43pm):
Not that it matters, but you're also missing a mountain (or you have an extra mountain) in
the central lake.
MC Hammer (02/11/2015 10:45pm):
Might be nice to add a 3rd base to set up a 2v1 situation on the flanks. You could also afford to
redistribute the cities in the clump near the tower back towards the bases a little. Probably not
good to have that many cities right on the front.

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