Creator: insignia21 || First Published: 02/09/2015 || Players: 2 || Size: 40x40
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KrittyKat (02/09/2015 04:18pm):
but not close enough. it would take forever for any thing to happen.
Xmo5 (02/09/2015 05:56pm):
but no cigar. Really, though. You shouldn't smoke. No cigar for you.

Oh, that, and what KrittyKat said. The middle will see some action, but about 75% of this
map will see nothing more exciting than some changes in weather. I'd recommend making the
map much smaller, adding some terrain variety, and making more areas in the map useful.
MorganLeah (02/09/2015 08:53pm | Edited: 02/09/2015 08:53pm):
Yep, all of those things. Additionally I'm not a fan of having those 3 infantry/mech
spamming bases right next to the opposing HQs. I imagine that it's there to help pressure
the players into bringing forces there quickly but there's just gonna be so much volume
coming from 3 bases that it's likely to overwhelm them fairly quickly. I mean, the
megatank will hold out for a while, but the enemy can secure the area around it pretty
well, then proper concentration of mech attacks will take the megatank down pretty quickly.

Those neutral bases are problematically placed, they're very open to capture disruption by
recons, making them fairly contested which is not a good thing, especially when they're
the bases closest to the HQs (that aren't locked away at least).

And those bases in the middle are too close, nothing built from a base should be able to
attack an enemy base the next turn.
insignia21 (02/10/2015 05:03pm):
Thanks for the feedback. It's my first design map, not really attempting anything other than aesthetics at the
moment, I know it isn't a competitive or serious map, there's also an FTA in the centre. Anyway, making the
map smaller is something I'll consider. I do intend to strip out about half the cities on the "parade stretch". As for
the mechs/infantry overwhelming the megatank, the question would be whether the other side can bring
reinforcements from their base/the neutral base if they've won it to stop or at least delay that, so both sides will
be in a race so to speak. So the fact that the neutral bases are contested is deliberate- if the side invading the
HQ win it, they've got a clear road all the way to the megatank, while if the defensive side win it they have a
good chance of holding out. Finally, the two bases in the middle may very well be slightly too close, I'll consider
moving them out so they're not within direct range of each other, but the idea is that they should distract each
other from the neutral bases to make sure they're not won too easily.

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