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Sea of Cloud (Design Map by BamboozleIV)
Categories: A-Rank

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walkerboh01 (02/12/2015 01:10am):
Hey why you gotta one-up my new map like that?

I feel like the terrain is a little too heavy for the airport to be positioned that far forwards. The
map is maybe a little too choky in general - I think the particular offenders are the two
mountains NW of the OS HQ. I also think the connecting bridges are a little too far back to
really be useful.
Bamboozle (02/12/2015 01:47am):
Yeah it feels as if the bridges don't serve a whole lotta purpose currently,
you could just send units through the other front and get the same
movement result. But I did wish for some cross-front mobility for units,
would bringing the bridges up closer to the fronts work better?
walkerboh01 (02/12/2015 05:14pm):
Yeah moving the south bridge up to just south of the HQ on the OS side is better. But in conjunction you
definitely need to remove some mountains.
BamboozleIV (02/14/2015 01:15am):
Fattened (for lack of a better term) the map up and made some big terrain changes to open up the fronts. Might still
be a little chokey in the center though, but I thought the forests would open up some strategy in an otherwise dull
looking front.
walkerboh01 (02/14/2015 03:31am):
This looks way better, good edits! Really like how the sides are designed now, and the position
of the bases is spot on. Good job!

With regards to the center, it could use a pair of contested cities a little closer together, maybe
move the one 2SW of the mountain to 1SW of the mountain?

I would also strongly recommend removing the bridge tiles 1SW and 1E of the OS HQ, and
adding a shoal 2N of the OS HQ to connect the shoal bridge. This helps control how easy it is
to switch fronts, and I think the shoal bridge just adds a fun little dynamic near the HQ.
BamboozleIV (02/21/2015 02:14am):
Made the aforementioned edits, I like em. Playtests should be fun.

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