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Kind of Blue (Design Map by BamboozleIV)
Categories: A-Rank

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dudeman33 (02/12/2015 04:27pm):
Get rid of that infantry it create in imbalance
walkerboh01 (02/12/2015 06:29pm):
I'd actually suggest starting with the central base neutral instead of the wide one. I'd also recommend removing
the mountain at (5,7) and removing one of the three adjacent forests in that area. That seems to be where the
focus of the fighting will be, so it's nice to open up some movement options.

Really like what you have in the center, the reason for moving the neutral base is so that it develops later and
has less infantry concentrated there as a result. Kind of important with the adjacent defensive cities. You might
also consider shifting the orientation of the diagonal so that within each adjacent pair, both countries have the
advantage to get to one city. Just a thought.

Overall though these are fairly minor nitpicks, this is really nice.
BamboozleIV (02/14/2015 01:05am):
Switched bases and opened up some terrain options in the areas you specified, I wasn't sure on how to shift those
diagonal cities yet so I decided to put that off until a good option came to mind.
walkerboh01 (02/14/2015 03:39am):
Nice, and good work putting the FTA counter on the correct base. That area around the HQ
should be pretty fun.

With regards to the center, maybe try switching the centermost cities (the ones diagonal to the
missile tile) with the forests? So that the diagonal has the opposite orientation around the center
as it does now. Should make them slightly more contested without breaking anything else that
makes the center good.
MC Hammer (02/14/2015 03:32pm):
Let me know when you feel like you're done making edits and I'll throw some Z-Games on this.
BamboozleIV (02/14/2015 06:32pm):
Made those center edits, should be good to test.

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