Operation Scorpion
Creator: tst5385 || First Published: 02/15/2015 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x14
Categories: A-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 8.33 in 3 ratings
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tst5385 (02/15/2015 06:01am):
An older version of one of the league rotation maps.
wilkyb (01/28/2018 03:49pm | Edited: 01/28/2018 05:01pm):
This map looks good! In general I like the placement of most of its buildings and I like the rivers and the
two bodies of water. I like most of the mountain / forest use.

I think having to travel in the opposite direction from the battlefront to capture cities in the early game
makes infantry useless other than to capture buildings. I think it's more fun when the infantry make their
captures towards the battlefront because then they can be used on that battlefront more immediately. On
the other hand, the close factory provides for combat sooner. Is there a way you could perhaps make this

I think the middle of the map is a bit squeezed too. I think there are too many mountains, rivers, and
trees for any breakthroughs to occur at the middle of the map.

right now I give it a score of 7/10

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