2vs2 Danube
Creator: wyj_0081 || First Published: 02/16/2015 || Players: 4 || Size: 21x21
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War, Team Play
Rating: 4.86 in 7 ratings
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walkerboh01 (02/16/2015 03:13am):
Nice but it is very open. I would add more mountains to the center to limit movement options.
Everdan (02/17/2015 10:20am | Edited: 02/17/2015 10:21am):
Walker 说的是,此图基本上是好的,不过太开放了,应该放多几座山,限制兵的来往(对不起,我华文不太
我也觉得是,而且只有一个 com tower 不太公平。建议你加多一座,而往后点放,让两房各位都能获得。

I think so too, and there's only one com tower, which doesn't seem quite fair. You should add another one, and
place them further back so each side can get one.
Nyvelion (05/28/2015 08:47am):
What's with the hirogliphics?
Bamboozle (09/02/2015 05:17pm):
Lack of terrain variety to shape fronts won't exactly result in tactical gameplay -- looks like a classic case of
tank spam since there's so much mobility from the plains and roads. The central comtower is also, as Everdan
mentioned above, a bit unfair, especially with the lack of an FTA counter.

This map has potential for A-Rank but these changes should be made. For now it's being moved into Casual
Play- feel free to post on the forum (isndev.omgforum.net) or PM a MC member to have it reevaluated.
a9977321 (12/09/2016 08:48am):
Why do we need FTA counter when the position of teams is ABBA?
Tank spam is something I won't deny however.
wyj_0081 (01/04/2018 09:57am):
This map is made for FOW.

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