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Bandit Revolver GL (Design Map by mori19)
Categories: S-Rank

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Rating: 6.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Mori2 (02/25/2015 06:15pm):
Global League version of Bandit Revolver:

walkerboh01 (02/25/2015 06:59pm):
Quick comment. Should you switch the location of the port and city bordering the pond too?
Mori2 (02/25/2015 07:05pm):
I suppose that could be an improvement, yeah.
mori19 (02/25/2015 07:07pm):
Yeah, I actually didn't think of that issue. Would have defeated the point of the change if I didn't
make that change too, haha.
walkerboh01 (02/25/2015 07:10pm):
Right, that's my thought. I didn't notice it til just now either.
blanci1 (04/07/2015 05:25am):
First impressions ..looks a bit limited in terms of ways to make progress. Apart from the all decisive com
towers there very few contested properties. The rest seem really easy to defend with a couple of arty. Theres
fat band of no mans land running north south from the pipe piece down centre through the comms to bottom
centre pipe piece. This band no one should dare enter let alone cross ... May prove stalemateish? Any actual
game experiences may illuminate further.

EDIT... from game experience... i think if someoner uses max against a not too high tierCO it might stay fluid
and not stalemate.
Last Edited on 06/25/2015 06:39am
Bamboozle (05/17/2015 03:33pm):
Can confirm; seems rather hard to close out games on this map due to how easy
the defending props are to defend. May just be my playstyle though.
Everdan (07/03/2015 12:46am):

If anybody needs visual proof of how stalematey things can get...
I'm honestly not sure that a stalemate can be broken at all, given that there's essentially 1 frront, few to no
contested properties and lack of attacking space.
Mori2 (07/05/2015 10:39pm):
All fair criticism, we should definitely consider fixing it one way or another, either through edit or

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