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Psychedelic (Design Map by BamboozleIV)
Categories: S-Rank

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Everdan (03/05/2015 11:31am):
I like the concept! centre looks slightly too congested for my liking - Lash is going to have a blast parking on all
those empty silos and cities, and you're probably going to get stalematey situations. Especially since the silo
and city are next to each other and guarded from one side by a mountain, so you might see more arties and
mechs than usual. I would lighten the terrain a little. (e.g. replace empty silos with plains/forest, perhaps remove
the mountain 2S of YC's HQ and the mountain 3S, 3W of YC's HQ.

Or if you like the congested centre, you could also uncramp the sides a little to make the map more dynamic,
for instance by removing the stretch of pipes and the adjacent mountains along the top and bottom. Just a gut

An interesting dynamic you have here - the base next to pipes means you can potentially have piperunners. It's
not too big of a problem since the pipes are rather short but a piperunner could be a bit too powerful, especially
since it can park on the pipe net to the HQ which shields it from mostly any attack. Maybe move the base away
from the pipes so you don't get piperunners. Or if you want to keep that possibility, you should make any
potential piperunner more vulnerable, possibly by removing the two central river curves.

Overall I like the map, should be a nice change from the tank-oriented maps I've been seeing a lot of lately.
BamboozleIV (03/05/2015 09:40pm):
Thanks for the feedback, lightened up the terrain (specifically mountains) around the HQs and replaced some
of those silos in the center. As for piperunners, I think it would be cool to have them but at the same time I do
see how they can be overpowering -- I added some more seams for enemy indirects to potentially break, but
it's probably not very helpful lol. I'd rather wait for playtests as building a piperunner is a pretty big investment
and you'd have to leave your seams unbroken all the way up to that point, so tests should help illuminate the
best exact way to deal with them.

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