Creator: Rush_FTK || First Published: 03/28/2015 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x17
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review, Innovative
Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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Rush_FTK (03/28/2015 05:57am | Edited: 05/01/2015 02:27am):
Since I get tired with normal maps, i want to doing something interesting.
i don't know if it's good to use this design.. maybe idea is right but not suit to use this...
need more test i think...

@Everdan:I think BC is only take 5000,and art need 6000 Funds.and the airport base is
so close to another factory that i can transport a inf to capture in just 1 turn.
Anyway i will have a try after 3 test game end up.

Remember that the center pipe which located under inf. Is only 20 HP rather than 99 HP

@cryaciccl:Got it,i will fix it after test game finished

-add 1 city for per aspect to let Airport Way more useful.
-Change some location of city
Everdan (03/28/2015 10:20am):
I think it's a nice idea, but nobody's gonna choose the airport with such low starting funds. At that rate, you can
probably build an arty much faster to get the second base, after which you can get numerical advantage
because it will take a while for BC to come out.

I recommend giving each side an extra starting city to make the airport more viable.
cryaciccl (03/28/2015 01:49pm):
very nice deisgn..
symmerty issue: forest tile at two bases
Rush_FTK (09/15/2018 11:13am):
New update:
- Add inner circle route.
- Add 2 tower for each.
- Now two road are same based/
clarecat44 (10/22/2019 04:53pm):
Player 2 can fall into a trap where they try to capture on the same half as Player 1, creating FTA.
It's innovative, but not beginner-friendly.

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