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Note to Self (Design Map by BamboozleV)
Categories: A-Rank

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Everdan (04/08/2015 10:35am):
Great map as usual, bamboozle! =)

The pipes are well-placed to force copters to choose between two fronts, and there are enough contested cities
along the top and bottom to make for lively play there, especially with the 2v1 setup.

One thing I might be worried about is that the centre's quite open despite some mountains in the vicinity, and I
would be concerned that Sasha could easily occupy the centre with her early vehicle advantage. In general,
whoever builds the first tank can safely park on the far diagonal city in the centre within 2 turns, which in this
case probably constitutes some STA as that tank wouldn't be easily knocked off the high terrain, while being
able to prevent capture of this city.

In the long run, I think it will be difficult to retake control of this city, as the lone base can't devote enough infantry
to justify an arty push. Occupation of this city also allows the player to establish a powerful defensive formation
in the centre thanks to the mountains and lack of decent terrain to attack that city.

On its own, it wouldn't be such a huge problem. However, because both top and bottom fronts are easily
accessible from the centre, the occupying player will always have the option of smashing his opponents with
superior force on either of the side fronts. Played correctly, the player will be able to seize most, if not all,
contested cities on both fronts, all because he built the first tank.

Regarding COs, Kindle and Lash are definitely powerful choices here, with Kindle sacrificing the attack bonus
on those mountains and the empty silos for a COP which will easily smash any defensive formation. With
towers, and the central roads and cities, there really isn't anywhere for opposing vehicles to safely park without
being cleanly 2HKO'ed.

You could consider changing the mountain 1N 2W of AB's HQ to a forest, which would make it easier to attack
the adjacent city. Heavier terrain in the centre in general wouldn't go amiss, nor would a reshuffling of terrain
near the lone base to discourage early central occupation. That might give the 2 bases time to deploy sufficient
troops to the centre to prevent 1-sided occupation.

This is just my opinion, but I hope it helps anyway. Cheers!
BamboozleV (05/23/2015 04:28pm):
Thanks for the feedback, made edits to prevent a tank from getting to that city within 2turns.

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