barions: conservation of strangeness
Creator: the-deadly-shadow || First Published: 08/12/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 29x23
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative
Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
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the-deadly-shadow (08/12/2017 12:13pm | Edited: 08/12/2017 04:47pm):
You might not get the idea of this map. It is the following. Funds are to be taken in a
way such that both players can capture two ports and build a sub on the port that the
enemy did not take. This will imply that each player can choose chose the 2 areas that he
likes the most.

I made this map a while ago. I don't know if the map is well-ballanced, by this point I
just would like to share (the
concept of) this map with you. The unreachable properties in the corner are a left over
from a concept that I can't yet remember.
ichbinsehselber (11/12/2017 12:40pm):
This is a delicate balance with funds which must also fit the CO bans. I like the idea.
Wondering if Battleships should be banned, probably yes.

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