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Time Bomb Ticking (Design Map by Xmo6)
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative

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Xmo6 (04/15/2015 12:47pm):
Okay, another attempt at a gimmick while still being mostly balanced. Here's the idea:

Lab units are set to TANKS! The lab is also pretty close to a small force that will
time-release (assuming you actually attack the pipe seam with your mech) on Day 7 (maybe
be a day sooner or later for non 100/100 COs). If the other player hurries, they can
capture the lab before then, but the mechs are designed to further discourage tank usage
for a little bit. To help counter an infantry counter to the mechs, the AA was included.
Also, copters can be used in lieu of tanks, but are restricted on one front.

Anyway, I'm curious to see how this impacts the meta, but I'm worried that the lab capture
adds FTA, though theoretically the discouraged tanks on one front should help in that way
because it's less of a race to see who gets their tank to the same front first. Thoughts?
Knowledgeable (04/15/2015 01:49pm):
i like the idea, looks good. What if BM infantry was one move away, ie the tile next to naval
yard by BM HQ would get him to lab and neutral base on same move as OS, i think? or would
this mess the balance to much as BM could just free roam
Xmo5 (04/15/2015 02:35pm):
The problem is that no matter how you set it up *somebody* has to capture the lab before
the other player. If OS captures it on the same day, but first, they still produce the
first tank. If BM captures it right before OS then they get the first tank. It basically
(partially) negates the conventional FTA counter setup which strives to help BM produce
the first vehicle on one front (and second on the other) while OS produces the second
vehicle on that front (and first on the other). It applies to more than vehicle
production, but that's certainly something to pay attention to.

The reason I'm hoping this might get away with the whole "key unit set as a lab unit"
thing that usually breaks that balance is because I think the mechs will help discourage
tanks on those fronts immediately after lab capture. This should theoretically partially
take the place of the normal solution that I broke, but it's very possible that it won't
be enough to discourage tank use as intended. We'll see I guess!
Knowledgeable (04/15/2015 08:03pm):
got it, i know what you mean, should work as it is anyway, players are aware theres a
Ticking Time Bomb.
Meta Rexy (08/09/2018 04:01pm):
I think if you'd like to promote Mech use, you should also place the cities closer so that
mechs can capture them efficiently. This will cluster properties a little bit and may
create balance issues if you do it too close to the fronts, but it makes them more viable
because you aren't sacrificing too much of your capture phase to use them.

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