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Paranoia (Design Map by mori19)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
Mori2 (04/15/2015 12:22am):
66572 maps and no one took this name yet. Decided to make one worth the name.
walkerboh01 (04/15/2015 02:50am):
Seems like black boat shenanigans are a popular topic this week. This map is silly, probably in
a good way. I'm a bit worried about the lone base, even with help from the chokepoints and
airport. Definitely a unique structure though.
Knowledgeable (04/15/2015 06:18am):
lol thats a lot of maps, had a look at some of them, some really good stuff. This looks good
to, in the centre has you defending HQ from the off and on the wings battling for cash
Mori2 (04/15/2015 07:33am):
I actually really don't like this map right now, will fix it in about 6 hours
Xmo5 (04/15/2015 10:05am):
Yeah I think I agree with Walker that the lone base seems too weak. I'd be tempted to rush
early and suffocate it before air units become a big factor, especially with a tower to
gain from it. Meanwhile I'd probably turtle at my lone base for the same reasons.

Anyway, I'll see what happens in a few hours.
Mori2 (04/15/2015 01:44pm):
Reverted it back to an earlier idea I had for it, don't have too much time for more unfortunately. But
it's definitely a different map now.
Xmo5 (04/15/2015 02:19pm):
Yeah, taking out that base makes a big difference. The tower position is a bit odd in the
sense that conventionally it would be a bit contested, but the central neutral base and
corner starting base can kind of head the opponent off before they can get too close.
walkerboh01 (04/15/2015 06:04pm):
Better, though I still don't feel great about the lone base. Seems a bit too close to the other bases, and it is
relatively trivial to lock it with a rocket (sick rhyme, aw yeah). What if you swapped the lone base and airport
position and adjusted the nearby cities accordingly?
Xmo5 (04/16/2015 01:52pm):
Then the Paranoia wouldn't set in proper-like.

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