Magic Kingdom
Creator: freshkest || First Published: 05/30/2015 || Players: 8 || Size: 23x23
Categories: None
Rating: 6.22 in 18 ratings
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Sturm_hole (06/22/2015 09:30am):
Nyvelion (07/07/2015 02:22pm):
Doesn't seem like he wants to, keeps kicking people from his games at random, I think
freshpest likes that more than actually playing awbw.
usmchayward (07/10/2015 03:58am):
This looks like the first to go is the first to win. Green Earth goes before Cobalt Ice,
so we take turns capturing HQs, Everyone caps a HQ on turn 4, Cobalt Earth loses.
Jackie Milton (07/15/2015 10:03am):
I think the country placement you have is a little arbitrary considering they are based on
similar colors. Right now, the turn order is ABCDADBC. If you want to keep your color
scheme and have it more balanced, I recommend RF->PC, and TG->JS. With this, the turn
order will be ABCDDCBA, and FTA will be diminished. The only other concern I have is
locking those center bases with rockets parked on nearby cities or forests. Mmmm.... also,
those airports need to be further away, with the current setup, a fighter can attack a
bomber created the same turn. Maybe you could add some more pipe in the corners. Hope that

(The "S" stands for "Serious....sometimes")
NekoHybrid (08/17/2015 02:15pm):
Am new sorry

NekoHybrid (08/17/2015 02:16pm):
This is stupid I can't even play, I've been trying to get help but nothing\
Dann157 (08/20/2015 11:20am):
how do i play

averageboy (08/25/2015 09:55am):
Dv (10/19/2015 02:21pm):
i love this map
Mariko (11/17/2015 04:40am):
This map gets an A+. Don't knock it til you try it. usmchayward, it's meant to be a
a team map.

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