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1vs1 Normandie (Design Map by wyj_0081)
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War

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Rating: 6.10 in 10 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 2 ratings
christiansc (06/05/2016 11:19pm):
Erich (06/12/2016 11:59am):
How can I join?
AlphaLyrae (06/14/2016 06:03pm):
how do play
Nyvelion (10/21/2016 08:09am):
What high quality map comments so far!
CCCP (11/03/2016 07:37pm):
How play map
How press key
Me want play map
CCCP (11/03/2016 07:45pm):
How spell "hi"?
Jackie Milton (12/13/2016 05:17pm):
walkerboh01 (06/23/2017 01:44am):
Very interesting. As it is, you can only take vehicles to one side of the map with your lander. If you pick the further
point, then you lose a couple turns of deployment options. It seems like this map will heavily incentivize players to
buy a second lander quickly, to provide consistent vehicle deployment to both sides. I suspect air units will be
heavily used in the meantime, so it's a good thing the airport is in the back.

The center of the map could probably afford to be closed up a bit, but it's probably not a huge problem. Nice
concept overall, 8/10.

Edit: Some notes after playing a test game:
- Development takes a long time on this map. This leads to a ton of infantry on the map by the time you get to the
mid-game, could be bad for stalemates. We'll see how good a job the contested cities do of encouraging combat.
Last Edited on 06/24/2017 03:30pm
wyj_0081 (12/22/2017 01:35am):
This map is made for FOW.
Sami-YingXiangLi (08/24/2018 10:30am):
D-day is coming back

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