Sunday Candy
Creator: BamboozleV || First Published: 06/24/2015 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x17
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review
Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
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Kais93 (11/25/2017 06:50pm):
I have to mention that there is a problem with this map. There is an asymmetric airport in the top
right corner.
Anyway, I'm still playing a game in this map, and up to now it's being quite fun.
Bamboozle (02/24/2018 08:21pm):
Thanks, fixed
Muere (11/04/2018 03:28pm):
So is this like the song? :D
Bamboozle (02/01/2019 01:16am):
Yeah that was the original inspiration for the name, it's a pretty wholesome
song :]
Gusosaurus (07/25/2020 07:02pm):
There's a chokepoint next to the HQ, I'm actually trying to rush it with Sami while I create a chokehold, that's just something to
consider if you're not expecting it

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