Dueling Minds
Creator: BountyFrog || First Published: 08/10/2015 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x15
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BountyFrog (08/10/2015 09:13pm):
What do you guys think? I was going for another map similar to Blazes of Glory. Please comment on how I can
improve it. And I do not think that fta is a problem...
Bamboozle (08/11/2015 03:03pm):
FTA is always a problem unless countered. The extent of it varies, but it's always there in some way or another.
For single preowned base starts the traditional setup is to provide a fund boost to the later country, usually in
the form of a preowned city near the 1st country's base.

General suggestions on the map: the properties are a little too backwards, so there isn't much to fight over
apart from the contested bases and the few central cities. Moving/redistributing the center properties would
Xmo5 (08/12/2015 10:01am):
Bamboozle's spot on again. You want to avoid having all of the properties being dead
center, but you also want them to be somewhere between your base and the enemy's base. If
they're safely behind your forward base, they can't be attacked and gaining momentum or
making advances can be difficult or impossible. On the contrary, if they're all in the
center, FTA and other imbalances are greatly amplified and often times either a single
player will suddenly gain all of the power (funding, terrain, location), or many of the
properties will go uncaptured as a stalemate forms around the area. The latter often
happens when players are able to place indirects that prevent easy capture of the
properties, and force the opponent to break through the entire defensive line before they
can be taken effectively; this typically becomes a standoff.

I'm also not a fan of the neutral base locations- they're fairly contested, but it looks
like each player will get the base close to the enemy HQ. You have defensive terrain in
place, but I think it might make pressure a little too strong, especially since the fronts
are fairly isolated (it's difficult to support either base with your other). I'd put the
neutral base closer to the starting base and make sure that it can't possibly be
reached/attacked by the opponent before it's captured.

Just as with your other map, I would say that all cities should start neutral, with the
exception of the FTA counter city as suggested by Bamboozle. This city should be within 1
infantry move of the opponent's starting base.
BountyFrog (08/14/2015 03:51pm):
Okay I will make the appropriate changes once people are done playing on it... Lol
BountyFrog (08/18/2015 09:11pm):
Okay I did a few things...
1 - I moved the neutral bases.
2 - I added more cities and terrain variation.
3 - I moved the com towers and added labs in case anyone wants to play with them.

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