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Spokes on the Wheel of Torment (Design Map by Xmo6)
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review

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Xmo5 (08/17/2015 02:33pm):
Another map made using the map editor, thanks to theether and Nyvelion. (I hope it
survives!) I really enjoyed making this one, so hopefully it turns out as well as I think
it might have.. then again, they rarely do. Oh well.

Oh, I threw labs on here and you can theoretically make lab units whatever you want, but
the idea I had in mind was to make them tcopters, black boats and landers so that you need
to capture your lab first to open up the possibility of sending anything after the
opponent's HQ (if you want to waste the time at all). Totally not mandatory though, the
APCs/artillery and airport location should make it fairly secure from capture except in dire
situations. Other interesting choices could be fighters and/or bombers, missiles (for
locking airports if you have enough of an advantage), or battleships. None should get
heavy play normally here, but later in the game, they could be used well.
Last Edited on 08/17/2015 03:05pm
BountyFrog (08/17/2015 06:05pm):
I like this map alot... And I particularly like the way you did the HQ capturing idea.
BountyFrog (08/20/2015 10:22am):
Hey, I am playing this map currently and I realized that it is not perfectly symmetrical... The city diagonally
touching green's base with the fta counter infantry. That city does not exist on blue's side.
Last Edited on 08/20/2015 10:23am
Xmo5 (08/23/2015 09:54pm):
Right you are, consider it fixed. Thanks for the catch!
Bamboozle (01/24/2016 06:01pm):
Towers are very contested; a lot of fighting happens in the corner as a result and distracts from where the main
fighting looks like it should be, around the shoals near that mountain on the side. I feel like moving that tower to a
better location -- or simply making it more of a priority to gun for the enemy cities -- would be a good improvement.

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