Creator: Patashu || First Published: 12/23/2005 || Players: 3 || Size: 25x25
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 7.82 in 28 ratings
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Mercen4ry (02/25/2006 04:01am | Edited: 03/02/2006 11:09pm):
Pretty good, balanced map.

Sole complaint is the open nature of the map and layout of the bases invites infantry spam
from BM/GE, especially as Sami or Sensei. Have an interesting game going with two kinda
pro friends, with Sensei as OS (me), Sami as BM (roBurky), and Jake as GE (BPM). Jake
pretty much had no chance against Sami's Victory March SCOP and Sensei's Copter Command COP.

Likewise, I'm having a really tough time fighting off Sami, since VM has come up twice in
the past three turns.

Game and results can be viewed here. Currently ongoing, but I'd be willing to bet Sami
will win it:

Not that all of that is a bad thing; just telling it as I see it. Possible remedy might be
to add just a couple more mountains around the center and edges. Otherwise, really fun,
top-notch map for most COs!

8 / 10
Patashu (02/26/2006 10:18pm):
Yeah, I have to agree with the too much empty space thing. I thought there was too much of
it when I published this but wasn't sure how to rememdy it. I will when there's a lull in
games, though.
SmackCakes (03/17/2006 10:25am):
I think the fact that BM and GE start considerably closer to OS’s left and right most
cities than OS does, puts OS at quite a disadvantage. Those cities are 13 steps away from
the nearest OS starting base, where as the equivalent BM and GE bases are only 7 steps
away from their equivalent Cities and only 9 steps from the OS cities. This means BM and
GE will nearly always have a 3 city advantage over OS making them Both 17,000 to OS’s
14,000 before the lines are even drawn.

I think this is too much, especially when you factor in that OS needs an extra day to
capture their airports etc.

I recommend you move the left and right most OS cities a little closer to the OS HQ so
there is at least some hope of OS getting hold of them. the extra day needed to capture
the airport isn’t exactly perfect but I guess seeing as OS gets first turn it probably
works out about fair.

Patashu (03/19/2006 10:15pm):


I want to change the map to accommodate these suggestions, but I don't want to unpublish it

Oh well, I probably should.
SmackCakes (03/23/2006 06:46am):
probably for the best, great map btw, i gave it a 9... once you make the changes i'll up
it to 10
tmassing (12/18/2006 05:15am):
yes, I just ghave it a ten. I also think it's probably better than the pipe version (6745 rmk). Im
just starting a game now to test the pipes. I think having those extra mountains and trees is
Tyrael (11/19/2007 11:22pm):
Has FTA. Very base heavy and airport heavy. Similar production facilities are also too
close together, amplifying FTA. Still, a nice map that looks mostly balanced for three people.
7/10 as is.
Falconewing (07/30/2009 05:47pm):
How is this FFA Multiplay, needs FTA fixing
Rockoe10 (04/30/2018 10:55am):
This is well done. 3 player FFA is very hard and this is balanced. Eben
the numbers back it. Nice work! 10/10 for visually pleasing, includes
airports (hard for 3FFA) and statistically balanced!

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