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10 player fun (Design Map by XxXNinjinXxX)
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XxXNinjinXxX (10/10/2015 12:47pm):
Depending on where you choose to start, you get a different bonus.

Orange Star = Gets to go first
Blue Moon = Battleship on HQ
Green Earth = Black Boat on HQ
Yellow Comet = Piperunner on HQ
Black Hole = Lab
Red Fire = Com. Tower
Grey Sky = Nice, sturdy pipelines surround their HQ and bases
Brown Desert = Missile Silo
Amber Blaze = Airport
Jade Sun = Megatank, but, their only Infantry is locked behind bars.
Last Edited on 10/10/2015 12:59pm
the-deadly-shadow (10/11/2015 01:02pm):
I like the idea, but you should consider a few things. First of all some players get more
bases than others. JS will end up with only one, while GE, and RF will have 3.

Beins seven days behind is really nasty for JS

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