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Star Wars Episode 1 Racer AWBW Edition (Design Map by XxXNinjinXxX)
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XxXNinjinXxX (10/23/2015 01:27pm):
This is a podracing inspired racing style map based off the podracing part in the Star Wars movies and the
game, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer.

*** Rules ***

Fog of War = Off
Weather = Clear
Starting funds = 20 000
Unit bans = Fighter, Black Boat, Lander, Submarine, Battleship

Any player except Black Hole - It's a race. Build a unit from the Airport below the arrow. You can only have one
air unit out at a time. Make your
way around the track three times. Don't attack other racers unless they are resting on your property. Build one
boat and use that to transfer your plane across the sea. Don't build more than one boat, don't attack other
racers with your boat, don't occupy other racers seaports with your ship (though you may with your plane). If
your plane crashes, build a new, identical, plane from the last airport you landed on. If you're racing with a Black
Bomb, you may blow it up at any point. Once it's blown up, you can build a new one from the last airport you
visited. Watch out for mountains - you will get attacked by a missile silo if you rest on one. Attack into the
Megatanks with your Tanks to charge your CO meter. When you've finished all 3 laps, let you racer rest on
your home airport and wait for the game to end.

Black Hole player - Play as Drake. Blow up all the Black Bombs. Don't move them. Kill Tanks (an equal amount
from each opposing nation) with your Megatanks, until you've charged your power. Use your SCOP. Submerge
some submarines, and delete the rest, creating a maze. After this step, never select your Megatanks. Use your
squad guarding the sea only to attack racers who are trying to make their way over the sea. If they are located
on shoals not connected to the 3 small islands or outside the sea area, you can not attack them with the squad
that is guarding the sea. Hit any racer that is resting on mountain terrain with one missile silo. Keep track of the
laps. When all racers have finished, capture the HQ's of everyone but the victorious person and then delete all
your units.
Last Edited on 10/24/2015 06:11am
XxXNinjinXxX (10/23/2015 02:28pm):
Now for strategy!

*** Racers ***

T-Copter: Available for only 5000 gold, the T-Copter is the cheapest racer. It also consumes less fuel than most
other racers. However, it has an average movement speed.

B-Copter: For 9000 gold, the B-Copter sports similar stats to the T-Copter, except it can attack other copters.
Not the biggest of deals unless an opponent copter is resting on your property, however.

Bomber: For 22 000 gold, the Bomber sports impressive defenses and an incredible firepower (which is sadly
irrelevant in this race). Above average movement, big fuel tank and sturdy materials makes the Bomber a great
choice for the race.

Stealth: For 24 000 gold, the Stealth is an interesting one. It has average movement and a rather small fuel tank,
however its unique Stealth ability allows it to dodge enemy attacks and take shortcuts without fear. Surely, this
is an interesting choice.

Black Bomb: The most expensive racer costs 25 000 gold. Is it the best one though? The Black Bomb has an
amazing movement speed, however it is fragile and has an extremely small fuel tank.

*** CO's ***

Though any CO is currently available for the race, some benefit more than the others from the conditions of the
Here are my thoughts on CO's that might be suitable:

Colin: Cheap units allow Colin to be a little more reckless with his racer, as he should almost always have the
funds for a new racer
Olaf: Olaf's COP allows him to catch up or outpace his opponents, and it is farily cheap.
Drake: Similar to Olaf, his COP negatively effects all his opponents. Use it wisely and you may be able to
indirectly crash your opponents racers.
Eagle: His racers boast impressive attack and defense and even consume less fuel per day. His SCOP can put
him ahead in the race.
Jess: Resupplying has never been so useful, I think. Good counter to Drake.
Sensei and Sami: These CO's are specialists with (T) copters, so naturally they seem like a good pick if you
want to race with a copter.
Adder and Koal: Cheap powers with great benefits for racing.


Some CO's that may not be so good:

Von Bolt and Sturm and Rachel = Sadly, their otherwise oh so powerful powers are likely to not do much
damage here, as the missiles they launch should target the great cluser of Tanks and Megatanks, completely
ignoring the actual race. (If someone has an idea for how to fill CO meters without messing up Von Bolt, Sturm's
and Rachel's powers... let me know)
superspeedy (10/23/2015 11:30pm):
you forgot sturm is a hard counter to drake and olaf because of no terrain penalties(that includes
snow) and andy and
hawke have vitality(specially andy 5 hp for 6 stars) which saves the funds vs someone like kanbei
who has the best units
Also sonja can shine if you decide to do fog of war to spice things up
and last but not least is hachi who can unit spam for reserve racers
and one other thing, attacking was half the fun in the games and in this game it could make for
some hunger games cornucopia type strategies
Last Edited on 10/23/2015 11:35pm
XxXNinjinXxX (10/24/2015 06:05am):
You're right there are more CO's that are useful than the ones I mentioned, also I should mention Hachi is still only
allowed to have one racer out at a time. As for attacking it's something I thought about but the problem is the
players can just attack each other at the start of the race and then it's not really a race anymore I guess. As it
stands I think this race could be lots of fun and I think what's discouraging people from joining is the somewhat
complicated rules. I'll probably look into making the first post shorter.
Meta Rexy (08/13/2018 03:41am):

INSPIRED is the word I'd use.

Sebulba would cheat and use a fighter to attack the other racers.

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