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Map editing test (Design Map by a9977321)
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a9977321 (06/28/2016 07:13am):
Any tiles after 1333 went to default. The woods were my default back grounds this map.
clord666 (06/29/2016 02:33am):
I have same problem, but with ocean
Nyvelion (07/19/2016 01:12pm):
I have the same problem with Dalmatians.
Fascelli (10/10/2016 10:23pm):
So do I, super annoying, I even lose pre deployed units! So is there a solution? Will there b one? What's the
largest map we can make now before this glitch takes effect?
a9977321 (11/25/2016 12:44am):
By putting your predeployed units at one time you can stop your units from disappearing.
Planing to release some maps of fun recently and we can see whether it is possible to
have toy-box style maps in smaller sizes.

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