Locked and Loaded
Creator: Everdan || First Published: 01/19/2016 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x24
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 6.64 in 11 ratings
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Everdan (01/20/2016 04:36pm):
A map inspired in part by Bamboozle's Section.80 and Mori's Baelor.
Everdan (01/25/2016 10:55pm):
I think this is a pretty cool map with dynamic side fronts and interesting tactical options down the middle around
the cities with diagonally adjacent mountains. Putting in A-rank and under review.
Mori2 (05/31/2016 02:49am):
This is honestly potentially S-Rank and I'm sad I missed this gem. Will test it out in a
bit and see how I feel on it.
Xmo5 (08/07/2016 09:36pm):
This was a pretty sweet map to play on. I'd probably back the S-Rank; it's at least a high A, I think.
the-deadly-shadow (10/31/2017 07:30am | Edited: 11/09/2017 05:32am):
This map didn't use to have the pre-deployed arty and APC on the comtower. I think it used
to be better without them.

In the previous version, you coud land a T-copter on your cruiser and hijack that comtower
behind your enemies base.

anyways, it remains a good map.
Pika Rizard (02/06/2018 04:33am):
Wait a minute. How can we build a ship here ? The ports are surrounded
by the shoal. Only landers and Black boats here.
Rockoe10 (03/28/2018 05:30am):
I think thats the point. Only the "Bay" can build anything bigger and it
would be land locked. A sort of "turrent" if you will

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