5vs5 Chess on AWBW (kinda)
Creator: clord666 || First Published: 01/22/2016 || Players: 10 || Size: 22x10
Categories: Casual Play, Toy-Box, Team Play
Rating: 6.00 in 3 ratings
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clord666 (01/22/2016 09:36pm | Edited: 01/22/2016 09:37pm):
Heavily inspired by Ultra Storm needs more maps's Team Chess map

Open to critique
Jackie Milton (01/23/2016 09:14pm):
lol, the current game on that map is going well

C-14 (Chess 14-player)
Has a half life of one day, it seems.

Anyway, I think this is better. A little more toy-boxy, and def cleaner. Also 8>14. It's
too bad we don't have more tiles of similar defense, but the forests do make it a little
better, and then you have the towers for a little extra umph. This, Btw, makes promoting
more valid with the capture of comm towers.

(The "N" stands for "Niiice")
a9977321 (04/22/2016 12:23am):
The difference between MD and neo is not too much.
You may consider a change in the MD, as introducing mega is not so good.
Reference only
Believer776 (06/28/2016 10:37am):
Errr.....how can I quit the game?
etm143 (06/16/2017 12:44am):
clord666, I can't reply to your message because your inbox is full. Please delete so you can receive
new messages.

Sure, I'll play.

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