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Lakeside Conflict (Design Map by a9977321)
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Rating: 2.75 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
a9977321 (03/01/2016 02:22am):
2nd map for the asymmetric competion. I think it's better than the 1st one, isn't it?
a9977321 (03/01/2016 02:50am):
Lab unit: rocket, MD, neo,mega, fighter, bomber
ban: piperunner blackbomb stealth
FOW can be fine.
If you want to allow stealth, you may consider put fighter out of the lab units.
Triple m fag (03/31/2016 08:03pm):
Nowhere near balanced...red goes Javier and game. 2 easy towers regardless of co, way better positioning
than blue
Last Edited on 03/31/2016 08:04pm
a9977321 (04/28/2016 12:04pm):
I try to give a player 2 towers while the other has lab and one tower.
But something is wrong in the centre......

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