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Dungeon Nightmares Revised v1.1 (Design Map by a9977321)
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a9977321 (07/05/2016 09:43am):
I like the concept, but the gameplay is not satisfactory. So I tried to have a remake.
FOW, capture=80, day=50,income=500, fund=0, no limit for weather
Ban all units.
CO ban: Kanbei, Sensei, Lash
Monster: CI is the monster here. CI should choose javier and the guaranteed 10 tower makes
his 3 infs and 1 mech invincible. CI is not supposed to capture anything. CI is not
supposed to win the game. In return he got the joy of cushing explorers. CI is not advised
to concentrate all his forces as explorers are unable to hide from his units in that case.
Treasures will be left ungarded as well.

Explorers: This time, explorers come in teams. They have many team members and take
torches(missiles) with them. Also, each team has a specialty. Escaping from weaker
monsters is easier this time, but the conflict between explorer teams can be fatal.

BM: +2 recons, -2 missiles; BM took specialized scouts rather than torches with the team.
Will they be the last team standing with the initiative they have?
GE: +1 artillery; Armed with a canon team GE has the only indirect weapon here. THe canon
is an efficient pipeseam breaker and gives good fire support as well.
BH: +3 infs & 1 mech ; As the team with most explorers, BH is no easy target. Casualties
are nothing to worry about for BH.
GS: -1inf, +4 mechs; Almost all explorers in Team GS are armed with heavy equipments,
which makes them tougher and stronger at the cost of some sort of mobility. With 9 guns in
all GS can be the 2nd strongest team in close combat
BD: +2 missiles, +1 inf , 2 sub gates; Believing the importance of vision in the dungeon,
team BD has extra torches.
Its talented engineer also managed to break the wall of dungeons nearby and installed 2
sub gates. Will BD survive with the help of fortification? The subgates can work for some
time before they run out of the fuel.
JS: +3 APCs, +1 inf. 1 crusier gate in the centre; Team JS is equipped with advanced
transports. Their troops never worry about the supply as well. A crusier gate is set so
that JS can easily go to centre. Their supply trucks will ensure it will not fall due to
the lack of fuel.
AB: +2 towers ; Though being a team with no unit bonus, AB is not to be underestimated
with his 2 towers. An AB
Javier is a nightmare for other teams considering the defense bonus on the missile pads.

Fight for treasures(cities) for supply and glory and sometimes you can get firepower boost
as well.

EDIT: Rules updated to 1.1 version 3/23/2017
Last Edited on 03/23/2017 03:27am
a9977321 (07/05/2016 09:52am):
Originally I want to have a 40*40 map, but something is wrong with the map editor and I
made some changes to the map.

Map editor problems also include problems with lots of predeployed units. I have to deploy
them at last as they kept vanishing every time I edited the map.
Last Edited on 07/05/2016 09:56am
ichbinsehselber (07/05/2016 01:30pm):
is there any airport or aircraft? so what are all those missiles good for?

Too many com towers as you mention that javier should be allowed. He will be virtually
immune to attacks if played as dark blue
Xmo5 (07/05/2016 03:17pm):
That's the point- CI is supposed to be the indestructible monster and the goal is to
survive the longest. The missiles are for vision, just like the subs, because this is
meant to be played in fog. (At least that's my understanding here)
a9977321 (07/05/2016 07:23pm):
That's it. Missiles are for vision. For CI, he is meant to be invincible.
Even for AB he can have only 5 towers for maxinum, So his units can be damaged on
empty silos, though it is no easy task.

In current vision hp damaging co is not so friendly to monsters. Maybe I shouldn't have the
fund limit.
liandry (07/08/2016 03:01pm):
Seems like GE is the strongest player here; he's the only one who can destroy pipeseams with ease. A GE Javier is no easy
target too, not to mention he might be able to defeat CI.
Maybe there can be some actual small monsters here, but idk how to put such stuff. Extra players may not be as much
a9977321 (07/08/2016 10:30pm):
There is no way to defeat CI as CI has guaranteed 10 towers. An 1 HP unit is still invincible
to attacks.
I could put those 3 towers neutral but I give them to CI to boost the CI fire power in early
games. Problems with BM and GE are mainly about their inferior unit counts. So it takes
brains for GE to play well.
It takes 5 turns for a mech to break a pipe. It takes 3 for an artillery to do so.
Even in cuurent situations if CI cooperated 2 units, it would be a hard time for explorers
as they have to flee.
a9977321 (07/09/2016 01:00am):
Recon enables early assault and hit and round strategy. A fast scout is also a guarantee for
more info.
Artillery is powerful. It can take covers in woods and attack enemies beyond the pipe. Being
a handy pipeseam breaker, it gives GE advantages racing for the top tower.
BH and GS have extra infs and mechs. This enables more mistakes and makes them the
strongest in direct combat.
AB may not be the strongest at first, but having extra towers means great potential. AB
can take out any country other than BH and GS in a combat as well.
JS starts in a crossroads. With the mobility of APCs, JS can make easier migration,
avoiding the monsters and tough enemies.
BD seems to be the weakest, but missiles are good blockades, giving BD defense
bonus. It will also give BD chance to have power or SP. BD starts in a corner where
any assault to BD can be easily monitored. With extra missles to block off the enemy,
BD has more time to make a migration.
liandry (07/09/2016 06:33am):
I actually think BM would be the weakest player here: really hard to hit and run with a recon, considering the amount of
mechs on the map.
No idea who's likely to win now though. Forgot the damage calculation, my bad.
a9977321 (07/09/2016 11:36pm):
Normal players have 3 mechs. Unfortunately if you want to expand quickly mechs can not
come up with those infantries. There are plenty of woods to take cover and you never know
where the recon comes from. The long mnovement points of recon also enables it to come
to unsuspicious players from unexpected position.
a9977321 (07/09/2016 11:38pm):
Mechs are more than anti-vehicle weapons. For most players they should use them as
stronger infs, or to break missile blockades as Mguns work poorly on them.
Tmi489 (09/03/2016 10:07pm):
I find that mechs are too useful for anti-vehicle and close range capturing that you
can't really use them for taking out infantry, as they share a similar damage output when
countered. Unless it's GS, then you have more mechs than infs.

Map (IMO):
- More mod units, more spread out. 2 is 2 2 weak. Pun intended.
---> One in a CI's comm tower in the field, and 1 in the base near
big fields could work. With a delay ofcourse (extra seams to be broken)
- dammit 2 tower Javier is so good and he has no nerfs, even
with the target he's still good (150 defense in tiles ugh)
- Add some forests/roads in the plains area kythxbye
a9977321 (11/25/2016 12:41am):
The current missile pads aim to give you a high defgense bonus to prevent your units
from getting killed too easily. It also benefits your missiles. I am thinking of having another
version, where you will find your CO power more useful.
a9977321 (03/23/2017 02:27am):
v1.1 update
Some forests are added in the dungeons.
Strengthened monsters and players.
Rules revised a bit

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