GO (Rules Attention)
Creator: the FANG || First Published: 03/11/2016 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x16
Categories: Toy-Box
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the FANG (03/11/2016 11:42pm | Edited: 03/12/2016 12:30am):
1. Ban any CO except Adder. (Only Adder is available)
2. Ban any unit except Mech. (Only Mech is available)
3. Both sides can build only TWO units per turn.
4. No limits in other action. (eg. move, attack, delele, etc. are all permitted)

He who destroy all his opponent's units win the game.

PS. YC has one mech already placed at the lower-right area.
RULES(Chinese Translation):
1. 禁止使用Adder以外的CO。(只可使用Adder)
2. 禁止使用Mech以外的单位。(只可使用Mech)
3. 双方每回合只允许制造两个单位。
4. 对其他行为不做限制。(例:允许玩家进行移动,攻击,删除等操作)


PS. 黄慧(后手)右下侧送了个mech。
An attempt of introducing GO into AWBW. If you have any suggestion, please feel
free to contact me!

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