The Garden of Ice
Creator: ahanzhe1 || First Published: 04/23/2016 || Players: 2 || Size: 27x20
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review, Mixed Base
Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
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ahanzhe1 (04/23/2016 10:37am | Edited: 04/23/2016 01:49pm):
It's just a test on shores :P

And to see how crazy it can be when each base has 3 fronts.

a9977321 (04/25/2016 12:45am):
How about a test?
The map is indeed chocky
Bamboozle (04/26/2016 02:34am):
Reminds me of Sahara for some reason lol. This is cool, although as you mentioned the chokes are pretty
hardcore here. Adding a port for transports to come into play here would be a decent workaround that and
would encourage more thoughtful play instead of jamming up the fronts with infs and indirects and letting it
choke. Or an airport would help too, although not as much as a port. All of those shoals would just be so nice
with transport routes running along them.

Also, you probably noticed this; the side bases can be rocket locked, but I don't see an easy solution that
wouldn't involve redoing those fronts. Besides, the proximity between the two opposing bases would mean any
indirects would be threatened greatly by tanks/recons, so it isn't that bad in the end.
ahanzhe1 (05/01/2016 03:39pm):
Made some 'small' changes & added the ports, & thanks Bamboozle!

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