FIRST Stronghold
Creator: Jimmy(Payne) || First Published: 04/24/2016 || Players: 6 || Size: 33x18
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 5.25 in 4 ratings
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Jimmy(Payne) (04/24/2016 09:07am):
So here it is, FIRST Stronghold has finally made its way to AWBW. So, it's pretty

So here your have 2 alliances, 3v 3. Turn Order being ABBAAB. Each is attempting to cross
over to the other side, by breaking down the 5 outerworks, and subsequently challenging
the opponents' tower (through brute force). So, before I get into the nitty, and the
gritty, some game specs:

Teams: On
Fog: Off for easy mode, On for hard mode.
Funds per Turn: 0
Starting Funds: 150,000 (This is an experimental value)
Weather: Clear
Capture: TBA
Days: 20
CO Bans: I'm not really sure which COs will be broken, as the goal of the game is to get
super OP by the end of the match. Contenders for bans right now are... Kanbei and Grit,
but even then, still on the fence.
Unit Bans: Missiles, Megatank, Stealth, Carrier, Piperunner
Lab Units: Infantry, Mechs, Rockets

An explanation of different Areas
Far Left and Right: The pipe structures are the Towers, players must defend their own and
strike down their opponents.
Areas surrounding the Towers: The Courtyard, which is divided into 3 fronts.
Three Fronts: Bottom Left (and Corresponding): Mountain Front.
Middle: Urban Front
Top Left: Jungle Front
Top Left and Bottom Right: Secret Passage. These areas are can be crossed by teammates and
opponents alike to get around the Outerworks. Contained here are many comm towers players
may capture to enhance their assault.
The Centerline: A pipe seam down the middle separates the two halves of the field.
Generally, a team may not cross it to defend his/her tower.
Immediately to the Left and Right of the Centerline: Starting Zone where teams construct
units for competitive play, each having a specialty.
Separating the Courtyard and the Starting Zone: Outerworks. Five distinct obstacles that
may only be crossed certain ways. Their position numbers begin at the edge of the map and
increase as they near the secret passage:
1. Valley of Death: Passable only by Infantry and Air units. Enters into Mountain Front
2. Shipping Lane: Passable by Naval and Air units. Enters into Mountain Front or Urban Front
3. Fortress: Passable by Land Units (And Air Units). Enters into Urban Front
4. Bermuda Rectangle: Passable solely by air Units. Enters into Urban Front or Jungle Front.
5. Missile Battery: Passable by land units (Air units when destroyed). Enters into Jungle

So let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns).

Each team has a unique role in contesting the opposing tower, or defending his/her own.

OS/BM: Primary ground assault force. It's goal is to breach the Outerworks, or enter
through the secret passage in order to swarm and tear down the opposing tower. Important
breaches for these teams are the Shipping Lane, The Fortress, and the Missile Battery. In
Defense, these teams control the secret passage with subs, strategically moving and
positioning subs to hinder enemy movement.

RF/BH: These teams have access to air units and are the only teams that can defend the
tower with units from the starting zone, specifically the Jungle Front, Part of the urban
front (With indirect), and the Secret Passage. Using landers, this team may transport land
units over the Centerline and into the secret passage. Important Outerworks are the
Shipping Lane and The Bermuda Rectangle. In Defense, These teams protect the Tower itself.

AB/CI: These teams begin the game with a lab, granting them access to infantry and mechs.
Their primary objective is securing the Mountain Front and the base within to assault the
tower. Important Outerwork is the Valley of Death. In Defense, these teams protect the
Outerworks with predeployed units.

Beyond this, strategy is up to the Alliances. Things should get heated pretty quickly, so
don't expect long games. Stay tuned for CO Analysis.

Jimmy(Payne) (04/24/2016 09:57am):
"So many COs are broken here! Why? *Wah*"
Well first off, banning specific COs for specific positions would be unenforceable.
Second, each CO has major advantages, so it's really a choice of how you want to play. So
let me start with the glaring CO allowances and obvious bans, and then I'll move down.

Colin (Banned): His advantage is his reduced unit cost, but his COP may be game-winning.
Making 150k into 225k, into 337.5K. mmmm. D'a'is not goood. Would his weakened unit power
make up for this? I don't think so...

Grit (Maybe Banned): The issue here is base-locking (with defense piperunners, or starting
zone artillery). Otherwise, he might be a viable high-end candidate OS/BM: Poor Defense
good Offense. RF/BH: Great Defense, poor Offense. AB/CI: OP Defense, poor early offense,
but becomes powerful fairly quickly.

Kanbei (Maybe Banned): Kanbei's obvious strengths are everything, his obvious weakness is
cost of units. In offense this hurts, but in defense is where he might be broken.

Hachi: 50% unit cost SCOP from any city is fairly powerful, but I think it is unlikely to
break the game (Thought it may create a couple deciding moves)

Sensei: Infantry/Mech swarm might be problematic, but given the rules, he should be fairly
defenseable until late-game.

Javier: Approaches immortality as the game goes on, so he definitely pushes the boundary here.

Sasha: The only CO able to gain funds every turn, but this advantage is marginal.

Sturm: Hella COP, terrain ignoring. Not game-breakingly powerful though.

Damage COs: Pretty Stronk, but I don't believe they're too OP. Time will tell tho.

-J(Get it?)
a9977321 (04/25/2016 12:43am):
A group of hp damaging co can hurt. We need a test anyway......
Jimmy(Payne) (04/26/2016 01:33pm):
Yes. Maybe that should be planed beforehand (One damage CO per side). Or the D2D powers of
other COs will be more favorable than those of the damage ones. Although, I see hawk as a major
contender. The hard counter is Sasha, who will Shrek in early game preventing such powers,
making COs like eEagle, Hawke, and Sami vulnerable. so idk

a9977321 (04/28/2016 04:59am | Edited: 04/28/2016 12:01pm):
To block the possible reinforcement sent by BH and RF, we just need a well-placed recon on day 1......

OK it can be countered with a day-1 lander movement.
a9977321 (04/28/2016 12:00pm):
Artilleries can be used to lock AB & CI's bases. If you are Grit, you can do more than that.
Jimmy(Payne) (04/28/2016 10:16pm):
Both those issues should be fixed now. Although blocking the reinforcements is a
reasonable strategy.

a9977321 (04/30/2016 12:14am):
Before the changes one unit is enough for blocking...... That does not seem to be good.

I 'd like to know for AB and CI whether it is better to move the missiles or put them where
they are at first.......
Jimmy(Payne) (04/30/2016 12:04pm):
You're right, now it takes a whopping 2 units to block! But this leads into your second
point: It might be a good strategy to move a missile, or two up into the secret passage to
block blockers. And then if that doesn't hold, teams might have to use air units to break

The advantage to moving the missiles is creating a better anti-air array, and blocking as
mentioned ^^, but the tradeoff is allowing the opponent to enter the secret passage easier.
a9977321 (09/22/2016 11:50pm):
Test in fog is complete. Any changes?
Tmi489 (12/03/2016 09:14pm):
I might suggest a transport or 2 for one of the countries, so it goes a bit faster.
1-2 more mechs/infantry for CI at offense would help.

Jimmy(Payne) (12/12/2016 12:27pm):
So I changed a couple things per the last suggestion. I swapped the locations of missiles and
black boats which may make the defense somewhat sturdier, and I also added a mech to AB/Cl.
As for transports, I considered putting a friendly OS/BM lander in the secret area, then I thought
there should be a little bit of a challenge to the transport, so I considered predeploying a lander in
enemy zones. I think the T-Copter is probably the best way, it takes some work before there is
access to it, and it can prove useful late game, or even mid game for reinforcement.

clord666 (08/23/2017 07:40am):
Love this map

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