'~Bad Guys-
Creator: ahanzhe1 || First Published: 04/25/2016 || Players: 4 || Size: 31x31
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay, Mixed Base
Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
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ahanzhe1 (04/25/2016 11:13pm):
It's just an experiment on 4P mix bases : )
(And yes, the bases're SUPER close to each other, only because I chose the wrong map size & didn't want to
remake the map :P)
ahanzhe1 (04/25/2016 11:18pm):
And I really don't know how the FTA counter's suppose to be in this map…
Bamboozle (04/26/2016 02:25am):
The base distance is at least mitigated by the terrain, so a tank wouldn't be able to hit an enemy base --
although any COPs/SCOPs dealing with terrain boosts will quickly prove really powerful in the middle. Fronts will
be really weirdly interesting here with the weak shoal line contrasting against the more easily defendable mt

I think the FTA counter is correct, but it's been a while since I've looked at FTA on 4p+ maps (and been a while
since I've looked at maps in general). Any potential STA from BH/JS getting a counter will probably be
countered with how contested many of the central properties are. So I believe you're good there -- although the
central contested tower will definitely get messy, but hey it'll be fun :p
Xmo5 (04/26/2016 09:51am):
FTA is complicated here because each player starts with 3 bases, the bases are mixed, and
there are 4 players. Generally the best approach in FFA maps is to make it such that
players are only adjacent to other players that move either all before them or all after
them. In a 4 player map, like this, Player 1 and Player 2 should not border each other
directly, but only border Player 3 and Player 4. The same is true in reverse about Players
3 and 4. That means you don't have Player 1 next to 2 and 3 and then Player 2 next to
Players 1 and 4. Now how do you decide if Player 2 gets an FTA counter? Player 1 sure
doesn't, but Player 2 is ahead of one neighbor and behind the other.

Anyway, long story short, you need to make it so that OS/GE and BH/JS have minimal
interaction, especially early on, by placing their bases in such a way that they aren't in
direct, immediate conflict. Right now they are in the center. My personal suggestion is to
rearrange the center ring of bases in the following orientation:


That cleans up the center and really cleans up JS's and OS's corner. You'll have a little
bit of trouble with JS and BM both having a central base by BH's HQ as well as OS and JS
both having a central base near BM's HQ, but I think those are more minor than having
direct, immediate conflict in the middle.

Okay, once you've done that, you can just go about your normal 3 starting base FTA counter
which entails giving JS and BH each 1 infantry on their corner base. Then, give BH a
preowned city within one infantry move of the starred OS base location in my above diagram
and give JS one within the starred GE base location. (There's only one city within range
at each base, the one between the shoal, mountain, and road).

I know that's pretty complicated, but it's the best I can come up with for a balanced FTA
counter on this map.

Also, while the tower would normally be an issue on a 2P map, I really like single
contested (non-production) properties in FFA maps because capturing it doesn't always help
you- sometimes it makes you the target! >=] +10% attack isn't always worth the extra
attention, but it could become important in speeding up the late game by helping to give
momentum to whoever's winning. Wrapping up multiplayer games can be a hassle sometimes.
ahanzhe1 (04/26/2016 06:28pm):
Thanks, Xmo5 & Bamboozle! I fixed the FTA counter as you said :D, and yeah, 4P FFA + mixed bases are pretty

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