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Cerebral Serengeti (Design Map by lavagainer)
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play

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Rating: 9.29 in 7 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
lavagainer (05/13/2016 02:24am):
Made for team play (AB & PL vs. PC & TG). Terrain is huge here. Both teams own a strip of shoals that stretches
across the battlefront and connects the HQ's of the respective teams. There are 3 airports and 4 ports per team.
Each player should get 4 bases, but who gets what can kind of be swapped around here.

Essentially, each team surrounds the central HQ area of the opposing team, with the river ways positioned in the
gaps between allied forces. So if you were to look only at the lines made between the spawn points of each team,
they would create two overlapping circles with the central HQ's being the centers of those two circles.

This was extremely tedious to build. I plotted out each section individually. Counting tiles for days on end. Trying
to get a proper balance between the positioning of all the HQ's, the bases, the neutral properties, etc. There may
be some more work to be done in regards to that, but it looks fairly balanced as far as I can tell.

Anyways.. Criticism is very much welcome. Would love to hear your guy's thoughts on this..
Last Edited on 05/14/2016 04:10am
start (05/13/2016 05:04pm):
I'll just chime in to say congrats on the hard work. It requires dedication to make large,
rotationally symmetrical maps with AWBW's editor.
lavagainer (05/13/2016 09:39pm):
Thanks start! It took me a good minute to finish this one. Just trying to understand where I was going to
put all the bases on the map at first was mind boggling. What's funny is the actual shape of the map is
nothing like what I had originally envisioned in my mind, but I feel as though the positioning of the spawn
points and the HQ's turned out exactly the way I wanted.
Last Edited on 05/14/2016 04:05am
liandry (05/14/2016 11:00am):
If someone asks for indirect unit heaven I'll point 'em here. Look at all them sniping spots.
Also, I love backdoors. And options. 8 from me.
lavagainer (05/17/2016 03:20am):
Yo thanks for the rating liandry. A lot of thought went into this one. There are still a few minor
adjustments. Most importantly though, I need to switch the positions of the countries in the SE & NW
corners. It just makes more sense that way. It will match the rotation of countries in each teams circle
of spawn points and it will also make it so that all four armies meet up at each teams shoal line in both
the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the map..

Edit: Okay, now that those bases are swapped, the map feels a little more complete to me. I just
removed about four neutral cities as well and moved one of the cities along both the shoal lines.
Last Edited on 05/20/2016 12:22am
Castanietzsche (05/30/2016 10:23am):
Very nice map indeed !
Tmi489 (06/13/2016 10:04pm):
Going to leave a comment based on results:

The barrier between AB/PC might need 1/2 sea tiles on the shoals directly aligned with each other. Tanks could go around.
Choke point heaven as said b4, but we didn't really get to see it as much.
Again for AB/PC, I feel like the defenses are too shallow and far away. Maybe it needs to be considering how far it is.
Sea play is no good at all since shoals (and too expensive), but make ok blockades?
I like it more as a fog map but then again idk what w/o fog would be like.

GJ on the hard work though, I really enjoyed plaything this map. I would give 8.5, but 9 for me.
Last Edited on 06/13/2016 10:04pm
lavagainer (06/16/2016 01:13am):
Hey Tmi489 and Cast! Thanks for the games guys..

@Tmi489: I don't know if you will see this comment again, but what exact shoals are you referring
too? I am trying to pin point which ones you are talking about, so I can maybe fix um. Are you talking
about the long line of ten shoals stretching across the map in front of the AB & PC mountains?

Also, I have a whole batch of edits incoming for this map. Just haven't had time to get to um yet..
lavagainer (06/25/2016 01:30am):
Damn I forgot to add an infantry for TG to start with when i was making my last edits..

I moved the NW & SE corner bases closer to the corners.. I felt like the base there was way too close
to the com towers to the West & East. I also switched around the positioning of the airports in all the
corners.. May have a few more edits still..

Hope you guys playing right now are still enjoying it even with the unbalanced infantry..

EDIT: I completely removed the infantry gift to the last turn players. Just didn't feel right..

Last Edited on 06/30/2016 06:50am
lavagainer (07/17/2016 03:23pm):
I really feel like I need to adjust the positioning of the Com-Towers on this map.. Not sure
where to move them too though..

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