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Target! (Design Map by Xmo5)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds, Innovative

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Rating: 6.33 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Xmo5 (05/09/2016 03:16pm):
You're contractually obligated to listen to this song while reading about the map:


So the premise here is that infantry are banned! (Gasp!) This actually wasn't my idea;
it's an idea I stole from liandry. However, I thought it was worth having fun with. So
here, all capturing must be done by mechs, and so as a result cit placement has been
adjusted to suit their short, mechanical legs. Additionally, black boat supply lines have
been integrated into the map to allow for quick and easy transport, so mechs can travel
the world! On top of the infantry thing, I recommend higher funds (1.5k, specifically) to
help encourage more vehicles and air units (I put in 2 airports). I'm thinking AA will be
good against mechs and air units so you might have a higher frequency of AA usage.
Additionally, the shoals and roads are very recon friendly, which may help serve as a
quick band-aid approach to some overzealous enemy mechs. Who knows how this is going to
play out, but I thought it would be fun. Feel free to leave any suggestions because I'm as
new to this alternative playing style as you are. I mean, not technically because I
designed a whole map around the concept already, but you get the idea.

I am a mechanical man.
Xmo5 (05/09/2016 05:32pm):
Made an edit to the central airport/shoal transport options to (sort of) fix some STA issues.
Last Edited on 05/09/2016 05:33pm
liandry (05/10/2016 10:47am):
Is it ok for the towers to be so... contested? ...is the only thing I can critique anyway haha
Rating 8/10 for beauty and workability-based-on-first-impression. And music suggestion.
Last Edited on 05/10/2016 10:50am
Xmo5 (05/10/2016 11:05am):
The towers aren't really as contested as they look. They're actually almost twice as close
to the defender as they are to the aggressor, not even accounting for the transport route.
But yes, that is something I'm keeping my eye on. :)

I still think there's a bit of STA, but I'm not too worried about it since my fix; it was
much worse before.
liandry (05/12/2016 07:14pm):
People are catching on... whooooo!
Xmo5 (04/19/2017 11:51am):
It was an average day for me, milling about in the underbelly of AWBW, perusing maps and
generally having a grand old time of it. My wandering eye spots an interesting looking
map, one that has an air of familiarity about it and, for reasons unexplained, my toes
start tapping as they often do when I have a song in my head; a none too infrequent
occurrence I might add. Casually tapping along, I investigate this map further, turning
some of those rusty gears in my head as I begin to recall the details. As I'm briefly
thanking myself for remembering to leave a descriptive looking comment, realization
suddenly dawns. I scan past the contractual obligation and in that moment my entire world
collapses inward with a rush of sensation. A broad smile slowly forms on my face as the
pieces of the puzzle come together: The map, the contractual obligation, the mechs, and
yes, even the previously inconspicuous toe tapping, of which I am now acutely aware.

Now, here I sit, caught in a wonderful loop, a prison of my own contractual design, unable
to escape the unique allure of the bait to my melodious trap. It was as if I put a target
on my own back and waited for just the right moment to strike with mechanical precision.
Well played, me of the past, well played indeed. *hat tip*
Manabender (12/05/2017 09:03am):
At first, I thought I was going to hate this map for the whole "Infantry are banned" thing.

But 8 turns into a tournament map and I've completely changed my mind. The black boats greatly help in
getting the slow mechs around, the properties are positioned with their low speed in mind, and the map is
smaller to compensate.

I love it. 10/10 from me.

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