1v1 Battle Chess
Creator: D_Pua || First Published: 12/25/2005 || Players: 2 || Size: 8x8
Categories: None
Rating: 4.63 in 27 ratings
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golden_cow2 (12/26/2005 07:21pm):
Nice. Maybe the pawns should be mechs, though?
Dullahan (01/11/2006 05:26pm):
*recommends neotanks or Md tanks instead of megatanks since megatanks are nearly
invincible to all other units on this map*
Wulfgar3 (01/12/2006 05:20pm):
Looks good... but 1. Inf. need to be mechs 2. No megatanks 3. In chess the queen is the 2nd
most valued peice only 2nd to the king. Any way... i think that a supply vehicle does the
queen noooo justice.
Silver Dragon (02/11/2006 05:17am):
The Queen isn't the 2nd wheel- its the first. The king is virtually useless, you just have to
protect him. The queen, however, kicks butt all across the map. I kinda like the supply
vehicle, especially because there aren't any bases, and ammo is necessary in here.
Mr. Snack (03/17/2006 09:51pm):
Uh, why does the GS HQ have BH units...?
gunner1138 (04/23/2006 09:01am):
Interesting map. Good job.
(04/25/2006 09:40pm):
The queen and rooks still need to change. Otherwise, great map. 9/10
MooglePirate (04/28/2006 07:37pm):
wrong HQ for the black team
jhuni (08/12/2006 11:52pm):
For a good predeployed map similar to this one check out gentlemans game.

Dullahan (08/16/2006 04:04pm):
You changed the bottom team into having a GS HQ without changing the units (which are BH)...
Creepy Crawly (10/25/2006 05:41am | Edited: 10/27/2006 04:28pm):
its a pretty nice map. i love chess. but i like AW even more...
Cool map...
i gotta admit i do like gentlemans game better.
im not gonna grade it yet just in case you make some tweaks
also i think the queen would better be the APC. since it would be useless having 2.
also the megatank issue. medium tanks would be better.

and yes the guy below me is right... rockets have too much range... megatanks... ( i dont
even have to mention them,,, already did...
Giantkrow (10/27/2006 09:04am):
Megatanks ruin it. Rockets ruin it as well. >_>
EagleAndyMax (10/29/2006 01:43am):
Interesting game, but the others are right, the rockets and megatanks mess it up. I still
figure this would make a great game though....
jhuni (11/07/2006 02:16pm):
Megatnaks are what ruin it, not really the rockets. In chess a queen is about two rooks, so
essentailly 2 megatanks = 1 apc in this map lol.
bryanbb (11/12/2006 08:20am):
watever i guess it s good
THE_Chosen_One (11/25/2006 10:07pm | Edited: 11/25/2006 10:09pm):
this makes NO SENSE!!! The queen is supposed to be the most useful piece, and its an APC...
The use of rockets as a bishop poorly portrays a chess-effect.

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