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Zendikar (Design Map by Guardsoul)
Categories: Casual Play

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Xmo5 (05/15/2016 02:24pm):
You gave BH starting bases and airport that belong to GS :P
Guardsoul (05/15/2016 04:45pm):
Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!
Jackie Milton (05/15/2016 06:49pm):
Actually doesn't look too bad. The airports should be neutral, and the neutral bases might
do well to be a little further from the middle (Or you add more forests in that ring of

Guardsoul (05/16/2016 11:03am):
Airports are now neutral and added some extra forests around the bases.

Redistributed some of the forests to make them a little bit more natural
Added 2 extra neutral cities
Added some empty silos
Added some extra roads
Last Edited on 05/16/2016 02:30pm
Melt (05/18/2016 09:23am):
I do love the look of this map, but the bases are so far from combat for my liking. That's not a bad
thing, I just had a weird preference. :P Overall looks really clean, might be a little bit chokey toward the
center, but that also looks like it's part of the point?
Xmo5 (05/31/2016 09:38am):
I would add a couple properties in the middle ring near the north/south ends and maybe
take out a total of 6-8 forests, especially around the chokey areas. I would also consider
removing a couple of mountains for two reasons: 1) Open up the chokier areas, such as
between the inner and outer mountain rings and 2) Provide more paths to change between the
inside and outside fronts. I think the outer parts of the map will be ignored, and by
giving an opening or two from the center (they don't have to be huge), you might see more
action there. It might also be a good idea to move one of the starting bases farther from
the HQ and closer to the opening to the center (this should be the base with the FTA
counter) because I think it will help develop the battle more smoothly. You don't need to
move it very far; a couple of spaces will do.

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