(4) The Tree of Life
Creator: Everdan || First Published: 07/10/2016 || Players: 4 || Size: 24x24
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay, Fog of War
Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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liandry (07/10/2016 10:36am):
Seems like Fog of War maps have relatively few and sparse forests. Why is that?

P.S. OMGWTFBBQ it's THE Everdan of the old forum lore! *gasp
I'd be honored to have a game with you.
Everdan (07/10/2016 01:57pm):
It's generally not fun to have too many forests in fog because that makes defensive formations near impossible
to break. Though if you design the map to account for that then i guess you could have more forests than
Xmo5 (07/11/2016 09:33am):
I don't think Everdan was ever on the old forum, were you?

Interesting touch with the AAs/fighters. Might make power-heavy COs pretty dangerous if
you're not paying close enough attention. Sami and Eagle come to mind. Also, unless I'm
missing something, I 'd switch BM and GE's positions for FTA purposes and give GE a counter.
liandry (07/11/2016 03:35pm | Edited: 07/11/2016 04:10pm):
RE: Everdan on the old forums, ehhhhh sarreh.
I know him from the thread on a tournament game with insignia, though.That should count.
EDIT: People might just refuse to attack fighters here, no?
Xmo5 (07/11/2016 10:22pm):
Sure, you don't have to attack the fighters, but it's good if you need just a bit more to charge your SCOP and do
some serious damage, like in Eagle's case. You would also plan to use them on a turn when your opponent is on
(S)COP so they don't get a boost too (their boost would be bigger).
Everdan (07/18/2016 06:36am):
note to self: fix symmetry errors.

YC and GE: forests and mountain near airport missing
YC: roads near strong base missing

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