Tear of Stone
Creator: BamboozleVI || First Published: 07/22/2016 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x23
Categories: S-Rank, Under Review
Rating: 5.00 in 1 rating
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Bamboozle (07/22/2016 09:33pm):
A modern redesign of one of my older maps, Stone of Tear http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?

The original had some pretty funky things going on (Koal would probably hate the makeover) and basically
showcased how I didn't understand certain concepts as a beginner and often tried to implement them to
hilarious results. Hopefully this one shows some more progression.
Context (07/23/2016 05:19am):
we want the funk
liandry (07/23/2016 06:10am):
There's a link, for context.
Everdan (07/23/2016 11:43am):
Excellent map as usual - funding's a bit high, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Having six pairs of
contested cities should make for interesting games.

Nyvelion (07/25/2016 08:08am):
Kinda sounds like Terra Stone when read out loud, I like it, even if that wasn't intentional.

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