(2)Shadow Raid
Creator: Rush_FTK || First Published: 08/22/2016 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x15
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light
Rating: 6.67 in 3 ratings
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Rush_FTK (08/22/2016 02:23pm | Edited: 08/22/2016 02:26pm):
Now it's time to PAYDAY.

There are too much debate city, that can cause lots of conflict. the transport unit let
the confilct happen more quickly.
I hope lots of funds, 2 airport and terrain design can lead less wried game (just
defence) happen.

Need Tested,give 7/10 for my self.
ahanzhe1 (08/22/2016 06:27pm):
The map's really good, although the center could still be open with a few forests, and they should be okay since
there's already one tower for each side.

Xmo5 (08/22/2016 09:13pm):
My biggest concern at first glance is that the fronts appear to have mostly 0 defense
terrain, which will make the cities in that area very, very difficult to attack.
Rush_FTK (08/23/2016 12:06am | Edited: 08/23/2016 12:07am):
i think each player will have lots of BC, tanks even recon. (the road make re
con more useful).so you will hard to
build indirect unit such as art because it's.easily attacked,in that case, Since lots of unit lost in attack. people
will get cop or scop quickly. that can let game end quickly.

umm...so need lots of test
Xmo5 (08/23/2016 10:00am):
I understand why you want to have the shoals surrounding the port in the middle, but the
problem is that the single port means that someone will have a 1k funding advantage over
the other player. This is generally avoided because it contributes to FTA, but it's not
the worst of crimes if it's done effectively (and a port is a good property choice,
probably the best option of income-providing properties, second only to ghosted
ports/airports). To be done effectively, it must either be hard to capture to begin with
or alternatively be difficult to defend and easy to attack, meaning that you'd have to
invest a lot in keeping that 1k income, but that isn't the case here. You have very low
defense terrain surrounding the port, making attacks difficult if the opponent plants a
unit on the high defense port, especially as Lash or Kindle (not to necessarily say
they're the best CO choices for this map, Lash most certainly isn't). Even with a standard
100/100 CO, like Adder, a tank on a shoal attacking a tank on a port will take as much
damage in counterattack as it will deal which makes that tank on the port very
threatening. This basically means "First person to the port gains a significant advantage!
Ready? Go!" and causes serious FTA.

One idea would be to leave an area for an artillery to sit and target the port, preventing
easy capture until one player has already gained a notable advantage, in which case it
helps with the late game being wrapped up more neatly. You have to be careful about how
you do this, however, because if you overdo it, it could result in a stalemate in that
area, but in a way, that's sort of what you're aiming for- a semi-stalemate in the center
while the battle continues to the East and West until one player gains enough of a
advantage to break the stalemate and take the port. The alternative I mentioned would mean
adding some higher defense terrain adjacent to the port so that any direct units that
attack the port can do so from safer ground.

Anyway, you have this same issue on most of your fronts, the main exception being the 1
city adjacent to a used silo tile, making it easy for one side to retake the city if lost.
Ideally there would be options that both sides could take advantage of, but that's the
general idea. They also don't have to be silos. Forests and even plains are fine, just so
long as it's not always shoals and roads.
Xmo5 (08/23/2016 05:50pm):
Wow, great improvements!
Rush_FTK (08/24/2016 04:49am):
Thanks Xmo5 encouragement and comment! He help me so much that i can get a "new" Categories finally.
Xmo5 (08/24/2016 09:53am):
He's also the one that put the map in the "New" category. :)
Meta Rexy (11/07/2019 12:05pm):
-1 for not using Grey Sky to represent MurkyWater.

But this map is nice :)

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