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Greek Diplomacy (Design Map by BountyFrog)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 4.00 in 3 ratings
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BountyFrog (08/30/2016 01:27pm):
GS - Athens
YC - Crete
JS - Sparta
GE - Macedonia
BH - Thebes
BM - Persia
Now I understand this is fairly uneven, with some players having
more and some having less, but that is the beauty of diplomacy
games, you can win no matter what your position is. Besides that I
have added unhistorical cities and placed terrain trying to even it out
a bit.

Ideas? Comments? Tips? Please tell me so I can keep getting better
and better. :)

Note: I intend to keep making these historical maps.
Last Edited on 08/30/2016 01:28pm
the-deadly-shadow (08/30/2016 01:44pm):
I have an idea- Lab units: War Elephants.
BountyFrog (08/30/2016 01:49pm):
Lol, that would be cool, but sadly they don't exist in this game XP
Jackie Milton (08/30/2016 10:01pm):
Set starting funds to -352,000,000,000.

(The "G" stands for "and you must be accompanied by a certified Greek archaeologist")
Xmo5 (08/31/2016 06:22am):
While it may seem like "you can win no matter what your position is", that really doesn't
hold very much in practice. If one country is disproportionately weak or strong, then that
will be reflected in how frequently that country wins. Additionally, even if a weak
country is in a perfect position to be allied with the biggest powerhouse on the map, it
just means that the big guy has the opportunity to turn on them at the end and win it all
for themselves.

In short, no, having open diplomacy rules does not overcome inherent imbalances in the map.

EDIT: I approve of Jackie's suggestion.
Last Edited on 08/31/2016 06:23am
BountyFrog (08/31/2016 08:48am):
I know better countries have a higher chance of winning, but since
this is diplomacy it gives the worse countries a higher chance to win
than if this was a normal ffa. Also, do you see anything I could
improve here that wouldn't mess up the geography?
Xmo5 (08/31/2016 11:17am):
Right, but it also leaves the door open for big guys to quick crush the little guys for
their resources or stunt their growth in very one-sided truce that benefits them much more
than their weaker opponent.

Frankly it would be difficult to balance effectively without some changes, but just as
frankly I haven't the time to think about it in depth since I'm tied up with work for the
foreseeable future. My brain is too frazzled to give anything much thought. :P
BountyFrog (08/31/2016 04:05pm):
I'll test it out now, see what could be better.
ahanz¢e (08/31/2016 07:22pm):
Giving it a 10 just beacuse(ahhhhhg. I meant 'because')I haven't seen any geo. maps for a while.
And I believe that no one has ever made a map about Greece before, not to mention that this map's pretty

Also, any chance for making the map larger? It could potentially be a great map. (At leat for diplomacy, anyway)
Last Edited on 08/31/2016 07:26pm
Tmi489 (09/05/2016 01:30pm):
My Idea:
Give preowned cities, even if far away, to weaker countries.
Also allow more squish room to BM/YC.

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