Creator: ahanz¢e || First Published: 09/05/2016 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x15
Categories: S-Rank, Global League, Base Light
Rating: 5.44 in 18 ratings
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ahanz¢e (09/05/2016 04:44pm | Edited: 09/06/2016 08:08pm):
Custom CO:

The Lady of Shadows

+10% Attack on rivers and forests.

Power - Sacrifice
Any units destoryed'll give all other units +3% Attack for every $1000 of its value.
Any unit deleted this turn'll allow you to select another enemy unit and give it -1 HP.
(Effect may stack, maximun at +30%.)

SuperPower - Dark Channel
Destroy all enemy units with 2HP or less.
Any units deleted this turn'll give all other units +4% Attack for every $1000 of its value.
Any units deleted this turn'll allow you to select another unit and give it +1 HP.
(If value > $5000, then add +20% only)
(Deleting multiple units may stack up to 40%.)

"Quality equals Quantity."
"Time to clean up."
"The darkness shall swallow you."

And as always, too lazy to post this on the forum :P
Dreadnought (09/05/2016 05:02pm):
Is there some sort of contest going on for this or something?
ahanz¢e (09/05/2016 05:09pm):
Nope. Although I hope there'll be one.
observerandhost (09/06/2016 12:52am):
The map can be blocked by landers and bboats easily in the centre.
I wonder whether we will see bboats here.
Xmo5 (09/06/2016 02:38am):
I think +1% attack for each deleted infantry is rough. I'd be more inclined to say
something like +5% attack for every 1k of unit value deleted, up to 25 or 30%. So deleting
3 full health infantry gives you +15%, or deleting 3 5HP infantry would give you 7.5%
attack increase. A new tank would give you 35%, but it gets capped at 25 or 30% instead. I
like 25% actually because it means that any vehicle over an APC is wasteful in that you
don't get full attack boost value from its funds value.

Don't underestimate the negative impact of deleting a unit. Remember that your units would
have to kill an entire extra enemy tank using that 25% increase to break even, much less
gain an advantage by using the power. If needed you could drop it to 3% per 1k and cap at
15% or something, and maybe for only 2 stars that sounds a lot more reasonable, but you
get the idea.

As far as the map goes, it would be nice to see predeployed landers, because the funding
doesn't really justify buying them and it would help a lot with interesting supply routes.
I also agree with observerandhost about the center being blocked, though. You're going to
run into issues with the center, base, and HQ areas being fairly tight and you might have
a hard time making too much progress past a certain point.
ahanz¢e (09/06/2016 07:58pm):
Alright. Made some changes to the CO and the map. Hopefully now she'll be at least somewhat useful.

lavagainer (09/10/2016 01:03am | Edited: 09/10/2016 04:00pm):
yo... ahanz... Your water work on this map is sexy to me.
Everdan (01/08/2017 11:31pm | Edited: 01/09/2017 04:25am):
Very cool map. Capture phase is excellently designed, fronts are well set-up, and I especially love the lander
gimmick and tower gimmick. The whole map plays very well and allows for lots of dynamic vehicular back-and-
forth due to the high funds:base ratio and resulting lack of infantry. I also really like the sea/river shenanigan
around the port.

The only complaint I have (a very minor one) is that the terraining feels somewhat off - the center feels a little
too open and the sides a little too constrained. But it's probably just a personal preference thing - no need to
change it if you don't want to.

S-rank from me.
Manored (06/23/2020 03:22pm):
I must say the extremely broken terrain looks godawful, and I don't like the interweavement of river and sea tiles either. Makes
it too easy to confound them. Rivers should be rivers, sea should be sea.

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