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Crocodile Lake (Design Map by ANT13)
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base

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Rating: 9.00 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
lavagainer (09/07/2016 04:42pm):
I actually really dig what you got going on here..

EDIT: It appears you have changed this map a lot and for the better!
I would love to get a rematch on here with you.
Last Edited on 10/08/2016 08:17pm
the-deadly-shadow (09/07/2016 05:01pm):
I think more landable sports near the port base is a good idea. You don´t need to many of
them either, cause you cann´t transport more units than you create and there is only one base.
The HQs are not very easy to defend. A possible solution would be placing an black boat
or another unmovable unit at the HQ, which wouldn´t change the maps look drastically.

I also think your current FTA counter is not correct. Giving BM only at 1/3 preowned bases
an infantry is unfair, and you even give OS an preowned city as well.

I think it could be a nice map if the HQ would be a little more defendable. I assume you
fix to problems and I will allready give you a 9/10 rating in advance.
Rush_FTK (09/09/2016 10:13am):
Sry for my bad English first.

Through it's nolonger "a mix-based map times" due to some FTA counter issues, i still think mixed bases map is more playable than normal, since we shouldn't know what happened next turn.

Trustly it's a good map but it semmed that the base in the center a still a little week, that casue it can't hold too much neutral bases. and some city are too close from that base while others are too far from here.i fear these city are all not debatable.maybe you can move some city around the base about 6~7 grids is better.

also i think it's not a good idea that let machines can easily catch the enemy HQs,for example, the bases in the corner can produce a tank and set on enemy's HQ in 2 turns,also the terrain around HQ is easy to attack but hard to defence.that may let HQ Rush too easy.

7/10 before some changes
Last Edited on 09/09/2016 10:14am
Everdan (07/01/2017 10:51am):
I really like the layout here. The city positioning combined with the mixed-base format and
presence of transports makes for a very fluid and variable opening phase, which means there's
plenty of scope to outplay your opponent in the opening phases.

The central airport is maybe too strong, since whoever builds the first air unit there can force AAs
and BCs on multiple fronts. Then again if it weren't there, the central base could be rocket-locked
from the island. I guess it's just an unavoidable aspect of mixed-base maps like this...

Terrain near the lone base is also maybe a bit too heavy - it wouldn't hurt to remove a couple
forests in the upper right and lower left.

Overall very nicely done anyway. 8.5/10

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