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Back-Up Plan (Design Map by hanzhe)
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play

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hanzhe (09/27/2016 08:00pm):
The Chief

All team members gains +1% to their power meters at the begging of their turn. Including you.

Power - Energetic Taste
All allied units gains +1HP.
All team mebers gains +3% to their power meters. Including you.

Superpower - Master Burner
All allied units gains +1HP.
All allied units may move again. Including foot-soldiers.

The COP would probably used more often than the SCOP.
But the SCOP's also a lot better than the COP.
Last Edited on 09/27/2016 08:00pm
hanzhe (09/27/2016 08:10pm):
Wait, I need HQs? When was that a thing? How on earth am I going to put 4 HQs on this tiny map?

Alright. There we go. 4 HQs that just ruined my map.
Xmo5 (09/28/2016 08:12am):
Yeah, you need to have either HQs or labs for a country to be playable. In the absence of
HQs, labs act as HQs except that you have to capture every lab before the opponent loses.

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