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1vs1 Gaugamela (Design Map by wyj_0081)
Categories: Fog of War, S-Rank

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Rating: 7.80 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
observerandhost (10/14/2016 11:57am):
I have a feeling of emptiness for those plains, but I know it works well for tanks.
No cities in the middle so the focus may go to the corners.
Designed to be top vs bottom I guess?
Good job anyway.
CCCP (12/12/2016 06:36pm):
The FTA counter is off. It should be on one of the preowned bases. This is as if GE is two turns ahead for that
one infantry.
BM: Makes two infantry. GE: Makes infantry, uses FTA counter to cap base. BM: Uses infantry to cap a city,
moves infantry towards a base, makes two infantry. GE finishes capping base, one infantry caps a city, other
one goes for the second neutral base. BM caps base, etc.
BM should finish capping after GE finishes his capping, so GE is the equivalent of a turn ahead, unlike the
agreed upon half a turn ahead. Move the infantry to the preowned base closest to the neutral bases and I've give
this a nine. Why not a ten?
Due to the large spaces, meaning tank spam will dominate this map. Add more mountains and impassable
terrain for vehicles. So both indirect will be more effective and infantry will make more of a difference in battle.
Last Edited on 12/12/2016 08:58pm
a9977321 (04/11/2017 03:22am):
The problem seems to be fixed
wyj_0081 (12/22/2017 01:36am):
This map is made for FOW.

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