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WWI Simulation v0.01 (Design Map by a9977321)
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a9977321 (12/02/2016 12:23pm):
Intended to simulate WW1 Warfare
FOW=on (optional)
Ban list: everything but mech, recon, artillery, bboat
Weather=snow, rain can be accepted in NoFOW
Thinking of whether to use tanks or recons to simulate calvary.
Looking forward to your advice

I've been to the site for more than 1 year. Maybe it is a perfect oppurtunity to restart making
maps like this.
EDIT: Correct spelling mistakes of "simulation" & predeployed units added
Last Edited on 12/02/2016 12:35pm
Tmi489 (12/02/2016 06:45pm):
Maybe allow BShips to be created, for turrets? Even though nobody's going to make them
nor can the move in shoals.

a9977321 (12/04/2016 10:11am):
I have thought of having piperunners for predeployed fortress, but it remain to be tested.

Also shoals are used to simulate railway. I thought of introducing the railway of factories,
in which case we can have piperunners as those giant canons. But the idea was given up
for many drawbacks coming with it.

Forests are used to simulate trenches by the way.

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