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Another WWII Map (Design Map by CCCP)
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Rating: 6.33 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
CCCP (12/07/2016 05:28pm):
Since Romania had been wishy washy about who's side they were
on, I put some TG and GE
forces there for
such an effect. The Spanish Revolution also took happened, so Grey
Sky supported by the
Axis Powers will have to fight those goddamn Brown Commies. The
reason France has their HQ
in Africa is
because even after
the disappointing surrender, they still had some under ground
movements. Also, some
military in Africa. Also,
PC is Poland. Poor, poor Poland. You may ask why I didn't have a
surprise swastika, well I
don't know. Anyways,
all hails to the Motherland, HEIL MEIN FÜHRER, we surrender,
(Hebrew noises), and Make
Rome Great Again.

Anyways, FoW, ban the broken five, Sturm and all other damage
COs. Maybe
even Sonja if you hate her.
Also ban stealhs, B copters, carrier, megatanks and B bombs.
Last Edited on 06/17/2017 12:21am
CCCP (12/07/2016 11:50pm):
If I need to change anything, tell me.
Last Edited on 02/28/2017 03:43am
CCCP (12/07/2016 11:54pm):
I might even make an Pacific one.
Schreck (12/08/2016 01:44am):
remove all the beaches that impede progression for a larger scale naval scenario, such as the one in the upper
right for russia
Schreck (12/08/2016 01:45am):
remove all the beaches that impede progression for a larger scale naval scenario, such as the one in the upper
right for russia
CCCP (12/08/2016 02:19am):
Ah, thank for bringing the shoal next to the mountian to my attention.
Also that isn't Russia, there's Estonia, Lativa and Lithuania. All later will become Soviet Socialist Republics in the
Soviet Union. Though there is a small amount of the Union territory in the map. Furthermore the only "Russian"
thing was that R.S.F.S.R., the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. The majority of Soviet land, but not the
only member of the U.S.S.R.
Schreck (12/08/2016 02:58am):
I always round off that area as russian, nvm
CCCP (12/08/2016 02:59am):
Did I do a good job in making the map look like Europe? Is it an accurate depiction?
Schreck (12/08/2016 03:01am):
it looks convincing enough, i personally would take photoshop do a grid overlay and copy it square for square
Schreck (12/08/2016 03:02am):
oh yeah i called it russia anyways because blue moon represents the region
CCCP (12/08/2016 03:36am):
I don't have Photoshop, so I did the best I could with hours of time and determination.
And Blue Moon was based off Soviet troops. But either way, thanks for noticing that shoal.
Last Edited on 12/08/2016 03:38am
Schreck (12/08/2016 03:39am):
np, and alternatively you could measure a grid with a ruler and pencil on a physical map
CCCP (12/08/2016 03:55pm):
Up coming updates:

Last Edited on 06/17/2017 12:21am
a9977321 (12/09/2016 07:03am):
Why not change all pipes into breakable ones?
CCCP (12/09/2016 07:36pm):
I may do that. Not certain, so I'm not putting it on the up coming update list.
CCCP (12/11/2016 02:15am):
Should Germany start with a preowned port?
Last Edited on 12/20/2016 07:08pm
Fascelli (01/25/2017 03:31pm):
The British & the Germans also had divisions in Africa
CCCP (01/25/2017 04:57pm):
Yes, but were less important than the European battles.
Plus map size constraints played a part.
ichbinsehselber (01/26/2017 07:25am):
very nice map. If it should be historical, the fleet of italy seems a bit strong (3
Battleships ans 5 Cruisers seems a lot). For balancing we will see in a play test.
In any case if you think the balance is correct, you could remove a bit of italian fleet
and add a bit of german air.

Minor change suggestion: Germany should not be able to sub-lock England's main port in
turn 1. Perhaps put an English infantry there.
Last Edited on 01/26/2017 07:35am
TacticsCommand (01/26/2017 04:23pm):
Agreed on the strength of the Italian fleet. During the war the Italian navy was pretty
irrelevant, seeking to avoid direct naval confrontation and instead getting pounded by
British bombers at port . On this map, there is really nothing to counterattack the size
of this fleet (no predeployed, only 1 Allied port to contest, and OS's low funding) and
they will most likely most west to easily take out OS in North Africa regardless of what
happens in Europe. Either fleet size should be reduced or Britain should be given ships
west and/or east.

Russia should also be in a better position to contest Stalingrad (which I assume is the
southern neutral port). Obviously this was one of the largest battles of the war so there
should be many more Soviet troops in that area.

There should be more mountains in the Balkans and you could consider adding Allied
infantry/mechs to serve as partisans, given that the Axis did spend a lot of resources
putting down revolts in that region not to mention the 1941 invasion of Yugoslavia. This
would also delay the large Italian army in northern Italy that right now has no barrier to
easily sweeping through all of southeast Europe and moving on to Russia.
TacticsCommand (01/26/2017 04:28pm):
Additionally, you might want to consider banning black boats, megatanks, and aircraft
carriers. I see no issue with keeping the current units on the map that are predeployed
around (German megatank; British carrier) but those units are just too difficult to
oppose, particularly given the map's limited funding.

You should also cut down on the size of the Operation Barbarossa invasion force - way too
overpowered and does not reflect how the German Army got frequently delayed with marshes,
snow, etc.
TacticsCommand (01/26/2017 05:01pm):
*meant to say Stalingrad as the southern neutral base. Overall interesting map and nice
job. Let's see how the playtest goes.
TacticsCommand (01/26/2017 05:21pm):

Last Edited on 01/26/2017 05:21pm
ichbinsehselber (01/31/2017 08:21am):
For France I would recommend to put a lab in africa and another one close to paris, so
that France cannot be eliminated by just capturing the african allied countries. Replace
the HQ with a city then.
Last Edited on 01/31/2017 08:22am
CCCP (02/01/2017 06:53am):
As for the German forces on the Eastern front, it doesn't seem that they're as over
powered as you say, TacticsCommand. And I can't very easily do that without hindering the
Soviets as well, which were not as effected by the winter.
Last Edited on 02/02/2017 04:48am

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