Bridge Seventeenth
Creator: Hanzhe^4 || First Published: 12/27/2016 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x27
Categories: Under Review, Mixed Base
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Hanzhe^4 (12/27/2016 09:04pm | Edited: 12/27/2016 09:37pm):
I'm not sure what'll happen if the corner forces decides to take over the ports on the mainlands first, so I'll
leave the shoal there for now.

Hanzhe^4 (12/27/2016 10:01pm | Edited: 12/27/2016 10:08pm):
The Blazerod

All allied naval units have -10% attacks.
When an allied unit attacks an enemy that's on a forest tile:
- The enemy's terrain has one less terrain star.

Power - Firestar
Choose a 3x3 area:
- All forests in that area are converted to plains until your power ends.
- Deal 2 damage to all enemy units in that area.

Superpower - Overburn
Choose a 3x3 area:
- All forests in that area are converted into plains until your power ends.
- All enemy units in that area are 'burned' and recieves one damage.

Recieves one damage at the beginning of its turn.
Decreases its fuel by 10% at the beginning of its turn.
This effect may be removed after 2 turns. (activated for 2 times)
The effects are activated after being repaired, if the unit is to be repaired by an urban tile.
observerandhost (12/28/2016 07:10am):
Didn't think the lonely base can resist that long.....
the-deadly-shadow (12/28/2016 04:06pm):
There is a asymmetry. The city near the base of with the OS infantry has no adjacent Forrest.

The map looks interesting though.

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