1vs1 Feishui
Creator: wyj_0081 || First Published: 12/31/2016 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x21
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War
Rating: 7.33 in 9 ratings
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a9977321 (01/02/2017 09:28pm):
While tanks from 2-base side are greatly hindered by forests, I wonder with the airport
and the 2 bases will games on this map be a rush for HQ? The 1 base side didn't stand
a chance and the reinforcement route can be blocked with ease......
Xmo5 (01/04/2017 10:40am):
Keep in mind that all defending bases are closer to their own HQ than any of the attacking
bases are. So while it looks like the 2 base+airport side would overwhelm the enemy HQ,
the defending 2 bases+airport are actually closer and therefore should be able to produce
a sufficient defensive formation in that area even if the single base is pushed back in
that direction. Note that this is especially true for infantry who can overcome some of
the terrain barriers.
wyj_0081 (12/22/2017 02:03am):
This map is made for FOW.

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