Creator: Everdan || First Published: 01/14/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 28x28
Categories: S-Rank, Global League, Fog of War
Rating: 8.48 in 25 ratings
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Everdan (01/14/2017 09:06am | Edited: 01/18/2017 02:49am):
Fog: ON
Ban: Sonja, Sturm, Lash, Javier

A relatively normal Fog map, except for the forest gimmick. Use the surrounding forests to retreat in bad
positions, or launch sneak attacks from the side. 2 towers per side makes the map more spicy.

Added a couple airports. Changed up terrain near neutral base a little.
CCCP (01/14/2017 07:55pm):
Is this meant for random weather?
the-deadly-shadow (01/15/2017 08:27am):
If you would ask me, this could use some airports, to make ambushed from the forrest more
Everdan (01/15/2017 11:24pm):
I originally didn't want airports because it would ruin the heavy terrain mechanic I added around the sides. But
now that I think about it, air units can't be hidden on forests, so airports might actually work after all. I might add
airports later on.
cyghfer (07/06/2018 01:39am):
This might be my favorite map on the site.
the FANG (03/28/2019 03:08pm):
Key point is the middle, but a well handle of side road can bring also much advantage, which comes into a wonderful
balance. I really like this map!
dysphorier (09/24/2020 03:24am):
Why ban Lash?
aLittleFishy (07/20/2021 09:02pm):
Placing a lander or black boat on each HQ would be great in preventing people from rushing to cap it, given all nearby cities
take multiple turns to get to from your bases, making it a bad idea to cap cities there in the early game
aLittleFishy (07/21/2021 07:40pm):
Having played the map some more, the forest is a fun and unique concept, but practically speaking on fog of war maps, it
allows recons to survive forever inside the forests even with reduced movement(requiring 1 unit to spot them and another to
kill) which isn't a big problem but given the maps size, the match will last long enough for this to become annoying, infantry
even more so. My suggestion here is really just to shrink the map, but keep the features the same, as right now, the map is less
strategy and more each player silently agreeing to not use the forest ring too much, as a long match will be made longer, for no
good reason

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