Dragons in the Dark
Creator: Everdan || First Published: 01/14/2017 || Players: 2 || Size: 28x28
Categories: S-Rank, Global League, Fog of War
Rating: 8.21 in 19 ratings
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Everdan (01/14/2017 09:06am | Edited: 01/18/2017 02:49am):
Fog: ON
Ban: Sonja, Sturm, Lash, Javier

A relatively normal Fog map, except for the forest gimmick. Use the surrounding forests to retreat in bad
positions, or launch sneak attacks from the side. 2 towers per side makes the map more spicy.

Added a couple airports. Changed up terrain near neutral base a little.
CCCP (01/14/2017 07:55pm):
Is this meant for random weather?
the-deadly-shadow (01/15/2017 08:27am):
If you would ask me, this could use some airports, to make ambushed from the forrest more
Everdan (01/15/2017 11:24pm):
I originally didn't want airports because it would ruin the heavy terrain mechanic I added around the sides. But
now that I think about it, air units can't be hidden on forests, so airports might actually work after all. I might add
airports later on.
cyghfer (07/06/2018 01:39am):
This might be my favorite map on the site.
the FANG (03/28/2019 03:08pm):
Key point is the middle, but a well handle of side road can bring also much advantage, which comes into a wonderful
balance. I really like this map!
dysphorier (09/24/2020 03:24am):
Why ban Lash?

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